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Robust Diet Weight Gainer

Weight Gainer 1.5 Kg Chocolate Flavour

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Brand: RobustDiet

Quantity: 1500 g

Flavor: Chocolate

Protein Type: Weight Gainer

Usage Timings: Pre-workout, Post-workout

Form: Powder

Number of Scoops per Container: 50

Shelf Life: 18 Months

Container Type: Bottle

Food Preference: Veg

Serving Size: 30 g

Dietary Preference: Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Low Cholesterol, No Trans Fat, No Cholesterol, Low Sodium

Composition: Protein 4.5g, Calories 124.5Kcal, Cholesterol>60mg, Carbohydrates 22.5g, Sugars 5.4g, Vitamin E 0.75IU, Vitamin A 180IU, Vitamin D 30IU, Vitamin C 4.5mg, Vitamin B3 1.14mg, Vitamin B6 150mcg, Vitamin B2 105mcg, Vitamin B1 90mcg, Vitamin B12 0.09mcg

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RobustDiet Weight Gainer is a highly effective & powerful way to put on healthy weight. It means you can quickly gain healthy weight with confidence and without just getting fat..


The RobustDiet Weight Gainer supplement is packed with high-potency proteins, vitamins, essential minerals, carbohydrates, dietary fiber and fats. Be it a skinny or underweight man or woman, anyone can bring this supplement to their shaker cup for healthy weight gain. 


This easy-to-digest weight gaining supplement positively meets your healthy calorie requirements. With RobustDiet weight gainer, you don’t need to – “eat big to get big” as it deliciously does all things naturally and safely. Now, say no to unhealthy dead calories & pick up our weight gainer to gain healthy weight and following benefits:


ENERGY VALUE – Healthy Calorie Content to Gain Weight

414 Kcals – a healthy amount of calories is provided by RobustDiet Weight Gainer per 100g serving. This calorie content results in consistent and long-lasting energy throughout the day and keeps you fueled in your active lifestyle.


CARBOHYDRATES - Recharge Your Daily Glycogen Levels

A serving of 100g of weight gainer contains 75g of first-rate complex carbohydrates and supports you in recharging your daily glycogen levels.


PROTEIN – Develop Lean Muscles

RobustDiet Weight Gainer is blended with 15g of superior protein to meet your protein needs. This addition of protein helps you in building new muscle tissues. Thus, it also encourages muscle development. The protein used in this supplement comes from our gold-graded whey (sourced from the USA). 


FAT – A Rich Source of Calories per Gram

It is harder to acquire enough calories to gain weight from our daily diet. That’s why our weight gainer is loaded with healthy content of fat, i.e. 6g per serving of 100g.


DIETARY FIBER - Better Digestion

This weight gainer contains 2g of dietary fibers that plays a significant in keeping your bowel movement regular. It supports your digestive system to run smoothly by effectively absorbing Carbohydrate and Protein. Dietary fiber also prevents or relieves constipation. 

User Guide

How much amount of weight gainer supplement is enough?

A 300g of weight gainer, in taking it in 2-3 equal parts, is an appropriate amount for an individual who works out daily. However, if you don’t do any kind of exercise or workout, 100-150g (3-4 scoops of weight gainer) is a sufficient amount for you to achieve your workout target. You can also check the packs of weight gainer supplements as they have recommended dosage labeled on them.


What is the right time to consume a weight gainer?

A weight gainer’s consumption doesn’t rely on a specific time period. You can consume it anytime based on your daily schedule or what you need to attain by using a weight gainer supplement. For example, you can consume it in the morning time, breakfast, pre or post workout, in-between meals or night time before going to bed.


A weight gainer doesn’t just mean to replace meals, it truly means to “supplement” your daily diet with high-potency nutrients. You can modify the exact dosage of weight gainer and required consumption timing as per your targeted body weight goal. 


Buying Guide

What a weight gainer does really mean?

Weight gainer doesn’t only mean to just gain fat, it does mean to gain healthy weight. A weight gainer supplement is a calorie-rich powdered supplement packed with a very less content of fats, a high content of high-quality complex carbohydrates and proteins. In this combined pack of macronutrients, the proteins helps in building new muscle tissues and their recovery, too. The carbohydrates are the main energy sources for heavy workouts. The supplement comes with a very less content of fat which is necessary for the body to acquire fatty acids, without putting fat onto the body. The high content of calories works as a clean fuel during gym or strength training sessions. Generally, the protein ingredient of weight gainer comes from whey protein, the carbs from sugar and the fats to get vital fatty acids. This high-calorie intake results in healthy weight gain. In short, Weight gainer supplement is a balanced mixture of high-potency ingredients such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals, which helps you in gaining a uniform healthy weight.


Is Weight Gainer Supplement Good and Safe for Health?  

A healthy content of calories is essential for all who looks to gain healthy weight with lean muscle mass without adding fats. Weight gainer supplement offers that healthy content of calories to your body which further helps in building strong muscle mass during hard workout sessions.


A second health benefit of using a weight gainer supplement is that it comes with a very less content of specially formulated fat. This fat contains essential fatty acids which are responsible for keeping your muscles lean as well as brawny. Dietary fiber ingredient of a weight gainer helps the digestive system to run smoothly and prevent or relieve constipation.


Another great beneficial thing about this supplement is that it contains fat soluble vitamins (Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and Vitamin E), water soluble vitamins (Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C and Folic Acid) and other essential minerals Calcium, Chromium, Copper, Iodine, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Selenium, Sodium and Zinc). This balanced blend of vitamins and minerals supports our body in performing normal physiologic functions (for example growth reproduction, etc.) and keeps us away from chronic health conditions.


The last but not least plus point of most weight gainers is that they come with L-glutamine ingredient. This amino acid supports enhanced muscle recovery rate by quickly healing damaged muscle tissues. Besides it, L- glutamine ingredient strengthens your immune system and guards your body against several harmful infections.


Does Weight Gainer Make You Fat without Doing Work Out?

If you consume weight gainer every day along with a heavy meal & diet, it will supply the high content of energy due to the presence of excessive carbohydrates in your body. That’s why it is beneficial to do workout along with weight gainer and your daily meals so that you can burn the excessive calorie content that you consume from your heavy diet.


In Short: Weight gainer supplement is a cup of tea for those who want a uniform healthy weight gain. However, if you want to see the real results of this supplement on your physique, we recommend you to intake this supplement with a balanced meal diet. Because weight gainer is the rich source of calories, it is vital to pay attention towards your calorie intake from food, too. Without exercise and balanced diet, weight gainer supplement will just result in fat and excessive weight gain in an unhealthy way and will make you look plump.



Q: Can I take weight gainer as I don’t do any kind of workout or exercise?

Ans: RD Weight Gainer contains a balanced blend of fats, carbs, vitamins and minerals which may be taken even if you’re not doing any type of workout (and underweight or too much skinny) to attain healthy weight gain.


Q: Is it only for men?

Ans: Whether you are a man or a woman, RobustDiet weight gainer is intended for all individuals who want to gain healthy weight. It is 100% safe for women to consume this supplement in dosages as prescribed on the product label.


Q: When can I observe results in my weight gain?

Ans: Weight gain relies on different factors like your workout or any other physical activity level, your metabolic rate, your regular diet, how many RD weight gainer’s shakes you have and how often you consume it in a day, etc.


Q: Is there any side effect with RD Weight Gainer supplement?

Ans: RD Weight Gainer is a nutrient-enriched pack of high-potency ingredients, even available in your foods. There is no usage of any medication, herbs or stimulants to manufacture this supplement. Unless you are a person which has certain issues with any of the specific ingredients, like sugar for diabetic patients or any limitation on protein intake, for example, there is no major side effect.


  1. awesome Review by Mansukhpreet

    The end of weight gainner

  2. Really effective gainer. I'll see improvements after 15 days .. Review by Naveen

    Really effective gainer. I'll see improvements after 15 days ..

  3. Awesome Review by Lakshya

    Nice weight gainer. I already used its 4 jars and I am seeing improvements. So I will definitely not change and follow it.

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From the market prospective and consumer stand point, there is no dearth of fake products in Indian Supplement industry. Many national surveys have declared that more than half of the supplements sold in our country are fake or mislabeled. RobustDiet stands-out in the supplement industry by providing FSSAI approved products and explicitly declares the source of WHEY PROTEIN used on all the products. Our trust seal is meant for the same.