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Introduction - Welcome to Robust Diet

RobustDiet.com is an online web portal purely managed by RobustDiet. By using the product or services at RobustDiet, you are considered to have acknowledged the terms and conditions of the agreement & guidelines indicated below or may be revised occasionally (‘User Agreement’), which is, for an indeterminate time period and you apprehend and come to an agreement that you are bound by that terms and conditions every time you visit our portal. If you have any question in your mind about the terms and conditions of this User Agreement or you have any feedback, comment, suggestions, tips or complaints on or about our online portal, kindly contact us or send us an email at info@robustdiet.com. We do have the right to make changes in the terms and conditions of this User Agreement sporadically with no any compulsion to notify you and it is totally your accountability to visit & read them as often as possible.


Ownership Rights of Use:

RobustDiet prohibits you from making use of its web portal or its contents, covering copying or keeping it or entire or any part of it, for your own personal or non-commercial benefits, without the explicit go-ahead of RobustDiet. All the information contained, displayed or transmitted on the website comes under a copyright and other intellectual property laws.  Copyrights and other intellectual property with regard to specific content on the site may belong to third parties. Our online portal is designed, modernized and maintained by the team of RobustDiet. You are not allowed to change, publish, share, sell, regenerate, create derived work from, allocate, republish, execute, showcase or in any mode commercially exploit any of the part or content present on this web portal.



We have devoted a great attention and precautions to the efforts and offer precise data and information. In the research & planning of the content of our portal, in particular, to make sure that product pricing quoted and displayed are precise during publishing time and all products have been honestly explained. All product prices are listed inclusive of VAT. Moreover, the services are listed excluding service tax since the service tax rules differ in tune with different services. Product packing may slightly differ from that displayed. The quantity, dimensions, weights and volumes specified are approximate only. We have done very best to showcase as precisely as possible the color of our products that present on our online portal.


Though the colors of the products also depend on the quality of monitor you use, we can’t make you assured that your monitor’s display about any of our products’ colors will precisely reflect the same color during product’s delivery. All the information, products or services available on the website organizes an invite to offer. Your buying order organizes your offer which shall be a matter to the terms & conditions of this User Agreement. We do have the right to consent or refuse to your offer in total or in part. Our approval of your order will come under consideration during your ordered product’s dispatch time. Your ordered product’s dispatch may or may not take place at the same period, in that particular case that section of the order which has been sending out, will be considered to have been acknowledged by us and the balance would carry on to be on offer to us. We also have the right to consent or refuse such balance order. No action or exclusion of RobustDiet before the real dispatch of product (s) ordered will establish an approval of your offer. If you have already sent us your email address or contact number, we will inform you via that email or contact number, as the instance may be, as soon as possible to sanction receipt of your order and email address or contact you confirm for the second time for product dispatch and therefore approval of the order.


General Terms of Use:

1. Being authorized to use and accessing the website or transacting on the website through mobile or another way of communication/ by buying for the period of aforesaid tenure, Users hereby consent to be assured by this - ‘General Terms of Use’;

2. User is hereby sanctioned to make use of the site for legal purposes or for the purposes come under our policies of the RobustDiet and Google only, any violation of the policy will induce us to take a strict action in against that particular user in terms of policies as well as valid laws;

3. RobustDiet endeavors to offer best possible product rates and service charges to users making a purchase or accessing the website. Though, RobustDiet does not promise to offer lowest product price in the entire city, region or geographic location. Product rates and their accessibility are subject to alter without informing or any consequential obligation on the RobustDiet;

4. The product or service prices available under the promotion will be for the particular days of promotion only and will not be valid on any date comes before or after a particular date of promotion;

5. All offers on products shall be applicable only on limited stocks and may be accessible only for certain time period (s). RobustDiet may at its sole preference to alter, expand, update or to take out the offers on products without pre-informing the users. In such situations, the reconsiderations, as the situation may be, will be rationalized on the website consequently;

6. If there is any promo code available on the website and used by the user once, shall not be refunded even after the cancellation of order either by consumer or RobustDiet; However, if it is a case of cashback offer which is extended by banks at the aforementioned time period, a user will, besides this Terms of Use Policy, be administered by the Terms & Conditions of the held bank/card issuer;

7. RobustDiet may, at any time due to any reason, comprising but not restricted to technical issues, the absence of stock or for any other whys and wherefores, terminate the orders placed by customers. RobustDiet’s result of order termination shall be last and RobustDiet shall not be accountable for such termination or cancellation (s) of any kind;

8. Estimated delivery timeline as stated on the portal may vary compared to standard time of delivery;

9. RobustDiet endeavors to deliver best products, services, and cost-related information, typographical and other slips may arise. In a case, if a product or service comes with incorrect price or other incorrect information because of any mistake in product price or product or service details, RobustDiet may, at its freedom of choice, either make contact with user for instructions or terminate the user’s order and will inform the user about such termination or order cancellation;

10. RobustDiet shall have the right to change the existing product price or service rate anytime, without informing in advance;

11. Order Termination or Cancellation (s) by RobustDiet: RobustDiet may be not able to accept certain types of orders or must cancel or terminate such orders. RobustDiet possesses the right, at its sole discretion, to disapprove or cancel any order for any cause of any kind, without explaining any reason to the user, User admits and takes on that the same is acceptable without raising any disagreement on the same. There may be different situation where an order cancellation may occur – without limitation, no availability of desired product or sizes ordered by user, no accessibility of the service, any mistake or issue in product/service pricing information, or other issues recognized by RobustDiet’s team;

12. RobustDiet may also need extra details or verifications prior to an order’s acceptance. RobustDiet will make contact with the user in a case if the order or any portion of the order gets canceled or if extra detail is needed to accept the user’s order.


Cancellation by the User:

In the case of demands for order termination or cancellation (s), RobustDiet, at its solitary freedom of choice, possesses the right to agree with or disapprove the demands for order cancellations for any kind of reason, without informing about any reason to the user. As a fragment of standard business practice, if RobustDiet accepts an order termination notice and the order has not been executed or authorized by RobustDiet, RobustDiet shall terminate the order and recompense the total amount to user within a judicious time period;

1. RobustDiet will not be capable of terminating orders that are under process or execution, it is appropriate to note that the RobustDiet possesses a complete right to choose whether an order has been executed/processed or not. User hereby consents and accepts that the judgment taken by the RobustDiet is satisfactory to user and user shall not produce any kind of argument or dispute on the judgment taken by RobustDiet on order termination;

2. RobustDiet possesses the right terminate any order that belongs to a group of ‘Bulk Order’ as determined by RobustDiet in line with certain criteria. Any order can be categorized as ‘Bulk Order’ if it comes under criteria listed below, which may not be far-reaching, viz:

1.    The ordered products do not belong to self-consumption but for scalable resale;

2.    More than one order placed for similar product at the same address.

3.    Bulk order for the same product ordered;

4.    Invalid address specified in given order details;

5.    Any type of misuses to place an order.

•    RobustDiet possesses the right, at its solitary discretion, to alter, improve, add or eliminate sections of this document, at any time without informing users in any written notice;

•    Limitation of Obligation: Under no any type of situation RobustDiet’s obligation shall go above offering the user a product replacement choice for the same product/other product of the same value;

•    This document containing terms & conditions which are purely subject to Indian laws and any difference of opinion shall be subject to the control of the courts in New Delhi (India) only.


Constraints on Usage:

You shall not be allowed to utilize the website for any of the below-mentioned purposes:

•    Propagating any illegal, troublesome, offensive, harmful, indecent, vulgar, or otherwise disagreeable material.

•    Snooping or troublemaking networks or websites associated with the Website.

•    Breaking any pertinent laws.

•    Transferring material which promotes a conduct comprises of an illegal offense, further give rise to civil liability or otherwise breaks any significant laws, principles or code of practice.

•    Producing, transferring or saving the electronic copies of materials secured under copyright with not any approval from the owner.

•    Acquiring unauthentic access to other computer or network system.

  • You are not allowed to host, showcase, upload, alter, post, conduct, or share any evidence or info on the web portal that:

•    is related to someone, to which you don’t have any right to;

•    causes harm minors in any manner;

•    is grossly unsafe, troublesome, offensive, deprecating, obscene, pornographic, vilifying, intrusive against another's confidentiality, intolerable, or culturally disagreeable, critical, concerning or promoting money valeting or gambling, or otherwise illegal in any way whatsoever;

•    disrupts any legal law for the period being in force;

•    betrays the recipient about the beginning of such communications or transferring any info which is totally violent or ominous in nature;

•    personate another individual;

•    covers software viruses or any other bugs, wrong files or incorrect programs intended to disturb, abolish or restrict the functionality of any computer resource together with the web portal;

•    portends the union, reliability, resistance, security or dominion of India, pleasant dealings with foreign states, or public order or stimulate the commission of any cognizable crime or inhibits inspection of any offense or is abusive to any other nation;

•    interfere with any patent, logo, copyright or other copyrighted laws or rights.

You are also not permitted to:

•    disrupting or trying to disrupt the reliability or security of the web portal or its content;

•    transferring any information (like job or vacancy posts, messages, and internal links) on or by the means of the web portal which is troublesome or competitive to the delivery of services by us;

•    deliberately sending any inadequate, incorrect or imprecise information to us;

•    producing any unasked-for communications to other users of the web portal.

•    Making use of any search engine, automation tool, software, agent or other device or mechanism to browse through the web portal;

•    Trying to decrypt, decompile, disassemble or replacement of any portion of the web portal;

•    Copying or replicating in any way any of the content available on the web portal or other information presented from the online web portal;

•    Framing or inline linking or hot linking any content on the portal.


Constraint on Quantity:

We retain the right, at our sole discretion, to put the constraint on the quantity of supplements bought per individual, per household or per a single order. This limitation may be relevant to the orders placed by the same account holder or by means of the same credit/debit card, and also to orders that having the same shipping address. We do have the right, at our sole discretion, to forbid sales to anyone that we may consider fit.


Pricing Details:

Although we endeavor to provide accurate supplement and pricing details, any kind of pricing or typographical mistakes may happen. We can’t endorse the price of a supplement until you place an order. If there is the case where a supplement possesses an incorrect price or incorrect detail due to any mistake or an error in pricing or supplement details, we shall retain the right, at our sole discretion, to reject or cancel any orders requested for that supplement, unless the supplement has been remitted. If it is a case of any miss-priced supplement, we may, at our sole discretion, either interact you for guidelines or cancel your placed order and inform you of such order cancellation. Unless the supplement submitted as on order from your end, your offer will not be considered as accepted and we will possess the right to alter the price of the supplement and make a contact with you for further directions by the means of e-mail address or the contact number given by you during the registration time period, or terminate the order and inform you of such termination. In an incident we agree to take your order then the same shall be deducted from your credit or debit card account and you will be duly informed via your email address or the contact number, as the situation may be, that the payment has been executed. The payment may be executed before dispatching the supplement that you have requested. If we have to reject or terminate the order after the execution of payment, the deducted amount will be reserved back your credit or debit account. We endeavor to offer you the best value, though the supplement prices & accessibility are considered to amend without any prior notification. Our promotional discounts or special offers are not applicable across the entire store without any special announcement and are restricted to some selected supplement categories.



We deny all warranties or situations, whether stated or inferred, (covering deprived of limitation inferred, warranties or some states of information and context). We shall not be accountable to any individual for any loss or damage which may get up from the usage of any information, tips or guide covered in any of the supplement available on this web portal. This User Agreement & any preset commitment between you and us will be administrated by the laws of India, focused to the special jurisdiction of Courts in New Delhi. All disagreements will be subject to settlement in New Delhi by means of a particular arbitrator selected by us under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. Every single party for settlement shall endure its own cost.


You agree to secure, insure and hold inoffensive RobustDiet, its teams, chief directors, employees, agents and their inheritors and allots from/against any and all claims, accountabilities, harms, losses, costs and expenditures, covering attorney’s fees, triggered by or getting up out of claims on the basis your activities or inactions, which may further give rise to any loss or obligation to RobustDiet or any other 3rd party covering but not restricted to break any warranty period, representations or deeds or in relation to the discontentment of any of your responsibilities under this User Agreement or getting up out of your violation of any valid laws, regulations covering but not restricted to intellectual property rights, expenses of excises and taxes, claim of defamation, desecration of rights of confidentiality or publicity, service loss by further subscribers and violation of intellectual property or other privileges. This section shall endure the ending or expiry of this User Agreement.


Suitability for Use:

The website is accessible to the persons who can create validly binding contracts under a valid law. Individuals who are “unskilled to contract” within the sense of the Indian Contract Act, 1872 covering non-settled insolvents etc., are not suitable to utilize the web portal. We do have the right to end your membership or deny to offer you website’s access at our sole discretion. The web portal is not accessible to the individuals whose membership has been deferred or canceled from our end for any reason whatsoever. If you are signing up as a business entity, it means that you possess the power to bind the entity outside India. Those who use the website from outside India are accountable for compliance with local laws if and to the degree local laws are valid. We will deliver the supplements only inside India and will not be accountable for any claims regarding any supplements requested from outside India. Some Indian states forbid direct sale of products from other states and need exceptional documentation to effect such a sale deprived of dual taxation, if we get a request for an order from such states or to be supplied to such states under such conditions we keep the right to admit or discard the order at our sole discretion. Those who utilize this web portal from Indian states which limit such access are accountable for agreement with local laws if and to degree local state laws are valid. We will offer the supplements only within the states which come with an open import policy and will not be legally responsible for any claims regarding any supplements requested from constrained states. Excluding where supplementary terms and conditions are delivered which are supplement-oriented, these terms & conditions surpass all earlier representations, understanding, or agreements and shall overcome notwithstanding any inconsistency with any other terms of any order requested.



If You Disagree, Kindly Do Not Utilize or Access the Website.

Every detail or information submitted to us by you, covering sensitive personal detail, is voluntary. You possess the right to extract your assent at any time you want, in tune with the term of this User Agreement, but kindly bear in your mind that the withdrawal of agreement will not be backdated.


You can use, alter, correct and remove the data related to you which has been assembled in accordance with your choice of becoming a user of the web portal. If you alter, modify or update any details about you, we may retain a copy of such details which you initially placed on our web portal in this archives.


Due to the communications standards available on the internet, when you browse our web portal, we spontaneously acquire the URL of the location from where you landed to our portal or to which site you are further jumping when you leave our portal. Besides it, we do acquire the Internet Protocol (IP) address of your computer, your computer’s OS (operating system) and kind of web browser you are currently using, email outlines, along with the name of your ISP (Internet Service Provider). This information is utilized to examine whole trends to assist us in advancing our services.


The web portal makes use of short-term cookies to save certain data (which is not a delicate personal data or other details) which is utilized by us and our service suppliers for the technical supervision of the web portal, research and development, and for direction. In the way of aiding ads or boosting services to you, we may permit authorized 3rd parties to place or identify a distinctive cookie on your browser. We do not save personally distinguishable info in the cookies.


We may retain records of telephonic conversation attended and made for asking inquiries, placing orders or any other purposes for the purpose of supervision of research and development and services, QA services and for an appropriate management.


We permit other organizations or companies, to serve ads to you. These companies cover 3rd party ad suppliers, ad agencies, ad technology merchants and research companies. We may “target” some advertisements to you which suit to a certain general profile.  We do not make use of personally recognizable details to target ads.


We undertake no responsibility, and shall not be accountable for, any harms to, or viruses that may attack your device and infect it (based on your access to), make use of, or visiting the web portal or copying of any material, data, information, content, video/audio content from the web portal. If you are not satisfied with the website or its supplements, it is totally your call to continue or discontinue using the web portal.


The privacy policy may relate to the sites and services that are owned & directed by us. We do not practice control over the sites showcased under search results or certain links from inside its services. These websites may place their own private cookies or additional files on your device, gather data or implore personal details from you, for which we are not answerable. Therefore, we don’t create any representations regarding the privacy applies or policies of such 3rd party websites or terms of use of such web portals, now do we give any kind of assurance about the preciseness, integrity or quality of the details, data content, text, software, audios, videos, sounds, images, graphics, messages or other data accessible on such websites. The enclosure or disclosure does not suggest any authorization by us of the website, the web portal’s dealer, or the details on the website. We recommend you to read the privacy policies of our web portal.


The web portal may allow you to communicate with others or to share/post info to be read by other users, as a result of which other users may gather such information. We hereby clearly deny any obligation for any exploitation of such information which is made accessible by visitors in such a way.  The privacy of information related to our associates is valuable to us. The connection between your personally distinguishable information and your IP address is not revealed to 3rd parties without your consent or excluding when needed by law. Nevertheless the directly above, we may disclose some of the combined findings and details with publicists, sponsors, financiers, strategic associates, and others so as to support in growing our business without receiving any authorization from your end. You are also allowed to share your privacy concerns with us and we assure you to react to them in an appropriate manner. We do not reveal any personal details (like as your password, credit card number and bank account number) to advertisers and for other purposes such as marketing or promotions as we know that could be utilized to personally find you.


Denial of Service:

We retain the right to deny any service to anyone at any time. We do have the right, in our sole discretion, to interrupt or terminate the service at any time if we found some technical issues like the virus or breaching the security or appropriate government of the service.


Promotional Communications:

“We may also share our other information with you, including about us, our supplements, special deals or discount, sales promotions, our newsletter, SMS updates or whatever related to other companies in our business associates or our group. If you would not like to get any of this supplementary information as mentioned here (or any section of it), you are free to click on “unsubscribe” button or link in any of our email sent to you. Within 5 working days after getting your instruction, excluding (i) a Saturday or Sunday, (ii) a public holiday in India, we will stop to send you information as demanded. If it is a case, where you need any kind of clarity, you are free to contact our Customer support service”.


Financial Particulars:

You consent, recognize and sanction that the debit or credit card details or other financial particulars supplied from your end to get our services will be truthful & precise and you shall not utilize the credit or debit card or financial service which is not legally possessed / received by you. You also know that any financial data provided by you is unswervingly acquired by our acquiring bank and not occupied by us. We will not be accountable for any kind of financial fraud associated with your credit or debit card. The accountability for utilization of a card illegitimately will be on you and the obligation to ‘verify otherwise’ shall be solely on you. We and the other acquiring bank associated with us retain the right to recover the charges of products, collection charges and lawyers’ payments from individuals utilizing the web portal illegally. We and the acquiring banks associated with us or our other associated financial institutions retain the right, to begin with legal measures against such individuals for their illegal usage of the web portal and any other illegitimate acts or slips in breaking of these terms and conditions in tune with applicable laws.



When you browse our web portal or send us emails, it means you are electronically interacting with us. You agree to get communications from our end electronically. We will connect with you via email or by publishing notices on the web portal. You consent that all contracts, notifications, releases and other communications that we supply to you electronically fulfill any legal condition that such communications stand in writing. When you give your contact number along with your billing or shipping address or to demand our call back, you agree to receive our calls on that contact number for further communication regarding your order/request and other website linked communication.


User Feedback, User Comments, User Opinions or Reviews and User Generated Content:

All user opinions, reviews, comments, feedback, new thoughts, and other submissions revealed, given to us via this web portal or otherwise revealed, submitted or presented regarding your usage of this web portal (communally, the “Comments”) shall be and stay with us as our property. Such release, idea or proposal of any Comments shall organize a job to us of all universal rights, headings, and benefits in all copyrights and other intellectual properties contained in the Comments. Therefore, we own solely all such headings, titles, labels, rights, and interests and shall not be restricted in any manner in its practice, commercial usage or otherwise, of any Comments. We will be authorized to utilize, replicate, reveal, amend, adjust, generate derivatives works from, broadcast, present and allocate any Comments you submit for any intention whatsoever, deprived of any constraint as well as without compensating you in any manner. We are and shall come under no commitment (1) to uphold any Comments in any assurance; (2) to give you any kind of compensation for any of your Comments, or (3) to reply back to any Comments. You come to an understanding that any Comments offered by you to our web portal will not disturb this policy or any right of any 3rd party, covering copyright, logo, trademark, privacy or other individual or exclusive right(s), and will not give birth to any hurt to any individual or entity. You further approve that no Comments offered by you to the web portal or our supplements will be or have defamatory or otherwise unlawful, aggressive, offensive, or comprise viruses, radical demonstration, marketable solicitation, chain letters, mass mailing or any type of ‘spam’. We do not frequently check received Comments, but keep the right to showcase and edit, or complete eliminate any Comments received over the web portal. Moreover, you give us a right to utilize your name which you submit along with your Comments. You consent not to make use of a wrong or incorrect email address, mimic any person or thing, or otherwise misinform as to the source of any Comments you submit. You are and shall continue to be a merely responsible individual for the content of any Comments you submit and you consent to insure us and our associates (if we have any) for all claims which come as resultants from any Comments you make. We and our associates (if we have) take no accountability and undertake no obligation for any Comments made by you or any other 3rd party.


Copyright & Trademark:

We, our dealers and licensors explicitly reserve all intellectual property rights in all supplements, content, programs, technology, text and other resources, which are available on this web portal. Right to use this web portal does not grant and shall not be deliberated as views or thoughts to anyone any authorization underneath any of our or any 3rd party's intellectual property rights. Every right, even covering copyright, in this web portal, is possessed by or authorized to us. Any access to this web portal or its contents, covering replication or keeping it or them in complete or portion, excluding your own private, non-commercial usage is forbidden without our pre-authorization. You are not allowed to alter, dispense or re-publish something on this web portal for any purpose. The names and logos under RobustDiet and the all the names associated with our supplements, services, design marks and slogans are the trademarks or service marks of RobustDiet or licensed to RobustDiet. Not any trademark or service mark authorization is allowed to you regarding the materials enclosed on this web portal. Right to use this web portal does not allow anyone to utilize any name, logo, trademark or service mark available on the web portal in any way. References available on this web portal regarding any names, trademarks, supplements or services of 3rd parties or hypertext links to any other 3rd party web portals or info is delivered exclusively as a convenience to you and do not in any manner establish or infer our authorization, support or endorsement of the 3rd party, info, supplement or service. We are not accountable for the content of any 3rd party web portals and does not make any demonstrations in connection with the content or precision of material available on such sites. If it is your decision to go for a link associated with any such 3rd party websites, it will be your own decision at your own risk. All materials, covering pictures, graphics, text, illustrations, designs, icons, images, programs, music clips, downloads, audio or video clips and written material and other things that come as a part of this web portal are proposed exclusively for private or non-commercial usage. You are allowed to download or copy the Contents and other materials which are accessible to you on the web portal and you may use it for your own purposes. All software and programs used for this portal’s development are the property of RobustDiet or its providers and licensors associated with us and sheltered by Indian & international copyright laws. The Content and software available on this web portal may be utilized only as a shopping resource. Any another usage, containing the duplicate, alteration, circulation, broadcast, republication, showcase, or presentation, of the Content on this web portal is stringently forbidden. Unless otherwise distinguished, the whole Content things are copyrights, trademarks and/or other intellectual property possessed, organized or approved by us. Any form of the compilation like collection, organization, and assemblage of all Content available on this web portal is the private property of RobustDiet and is also sheltered by Indian & international copyright laws. We don't deal with any form of Counterfeit goods including a trademark or logo which is identical to or significantly indistinguishable from the logo or trademark of another.


Objectionable Material:

You understand that by making use of this web portal or any services available on the site, you may come across to Content which may be considered by some to be aggressive, indecent, or offensive, that content may/may not be acknowledged as such. You consent to utilize the web portal and any service at totally your own risk and that to the total amount legalized under applicable law, we and our associates (if we have any) shall have no accountabilities to you for content that may be assumed aggressive, offensive, or unpleasant to you.



This User Agreement will remain active unless and until dismissed by either your end or our end. You may dismiss this User agreement at any period by notifying us in writing via Indian postal system through a registered post, that you no longer desire to be connected with this web portal, supplied that you end your further usage of this web portal. We may dismiss this User Agreement at any time and may do so instantaneously without any notification, and consequently, reject your right of entry to the web portal. Such rejection will be with no any accountability to RobustDiet. Upon any closure of the User Agreement from either your end or our end, you must quickly abolish all materials downloaded or otherwise obtained from this web portal, plus all the copies created by such resources, whether created under the User Agreement or otherwise accessed from the web portal. Our right to any Comments shall endure any closure of this User Agreement. Any such closure of the User Agreement shall not terminate your compulsion to pay for the supplement previously ordered from the Web portal or disturb any obligation which may have come to an existence under the User Agreement.


Limitation of Accountability and Denials:

The web portal is supplied without any warranties or guarantees and in an “exactly as it is” state. You must endure the risks in connection with the usage of this web portal. The web portal comes with the content from other websites available on the internet or other resources and while we make an attempt to verify that material contained in this web portal is authentic, trustworthy and of supreme quality, we shall not be accountable or responsible if it is not the case. We will not be accountable for any type of mistake or omissions or for the consequences resulted from the usage of such information or for any technical issues you may have with the web portal. This denial sets up an important section of this User Agreement. To the completest level allowed under applicable law, we shall not be accountable for any secondary, incidental, particular, substantial, or standard harms, covering but not restricted to, harms for profit loss, generosity, usage, data or other intangible damages budding or regarding the web portal, its services or this User Agreement. Deprived of any prejudgment to simplification of the section above, our complete accountability to you for all accountabilities getting up out of this User Agreement be it in offense or contract is restricted to the amount claimed to you, against the value of the supplements demanded by you. RobustDiet, its connections and technology partners make no representations or warranties regarding the precision, trustworthiness, comprehensiveness, and/or suitability of any content, details, software, graphics, hyperlink or other communications delivered by or via the usage of the web portal will be free of fault and/or never-ending. We accept that no accountability of any kind for any financial or other types of damage faced by you because of the interruption, letdown, corruption or delay of any detail or information transferred regarding the usage of the web portal; and/or any disturbance or errors in the functionality of the web portal.


Web Portal Security:

You are forbidden from violating or trying to breach the security of this online web portal, covering, without limitation:

•    Sending uninvited emails, containing some type of promotional content and/or advertisements;

•    Gaining access to the data which is not projected for you or accessing server or other accounts which you are not permitted to use;

•    Making an attempt to inhibit any other network, host or other users, without restriction, through the submission of a virus to the web portal, congesting, flooding, crashing or other spamming activities;

•    Making an effort to enquire, scan or inspect the weakness of a system or network or to attempting to break the security or verification measures with no any right endorsement;


• “Repeating any TCP or IP (Internet Protocol) packet header/ any unit of the header particulars in any newsgroup posts or emails. System or network security breach may bring about civil or criminal accountability. We will inspect the incidences that may cover such breaches or violations and may also include, and work together with, law enforcement authorities in taking legal action against the users who are involved in such breaches or violations. You consent, further, not to use any software, device or routine to disturb or trying to interrupt with the right functionality of this web portal or any activity being performed on this web portal. You agree not to utilize or making an attempt to utilize any engine, software, agent, tool or other physical devices to browse through or search this web portal excluding the search engines or search agents accessible from RobustDiet, moreover, you can call us on +91-8872009773 on this web portal”.


“We also come with suitable technical and security measures to inhibit unauthorized or illegal access to or accidental damage of destruction to your data. When we gather data by means of our website, we gather your personal information on a secured server via firewalls. The company doesn’t gain access to, save or keep your debit or credit card details and or any monetary information. All transactions activated using SSL (Secure Server Software) for 128-bit encryption by means of 3rd party gateways and RobustDiet doesn’t play any role in such transactions, excluding, leading the customers to gateways or appropriate web page(s). Consequently, RobustDiet shall not be accountable or responsible for any type of loss or harm continued due to any leak whatsoever of personal details during the usage of 3rd party gateways and/or the web portal. RobustDiet will also not accountable for any harm or damage due to any disclosure (in advent or otherwise) of any Personal detail regarding the User’s account and/or information linking to or concerning online transactions by means of credit/debit/cash cards/ net banking and/or their authentication procedure and specifics nor for any error, exclusions or imprecision regarding any info so revealed and utilized. We uphold physical, electronic and technical safeguards with regard to the gathering, storage, and confession of your information. On the way to guard your privacy and security, we will authenticate your identity before allowing access to use or doing modifications in your Personal data. If you have signed up & created a profile on the web portal, your user ID and Password are needed to gain access to your Account. You are fully accountable for guarding against illegal access to your password as well as your computer device.”


Complete Agreement:

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