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Our Delivery Policies

Generally, we at RobustDiet.com deliver products within 8-10 working days.

Q1 . What are our shipping charges?

Ans. At RobustDiet.com you will get FREE Shipping on all products.

Q2. What is the approximate shipping time?

Ans. We deliver the products within 8-10 working days. Working business days doesn’t involve holidays as well as Sundays.


Expected Shipping Time is based on the following deciding factors:

  • The seller providing the products.
  • Product’s accessibility with the Seller.

Q3. Is there any unknown charges (like sales tax, etc.) on the products sold by RobustDiet?

Ans. There is no hidden charges when you buy a product from RobustDiet.com. Listed product prices are final and all-inclusive. The product price available on the product page is just what you would pay.

Q4. Why the desired product can’t be shipped to my area?

Ans. Kindly enter your pin code on our product page and get to know whether the requested product can be shipped to your physical location or not.

If you didn’t provide your pin code until and just proceeded to the checkout page, the pin code in the shipping address you provided to us, will be used to verify service accessibility in your location.


Whether you can access our services in your location or not – it depends on the followings:

  • Legal constraints, if any, in shipping specific products to your destination
  • The accessibility of trustworthy delivery partner in your locality

At time sellers have a preference not to deliver to certain physical locations. It is totally based on their preference.

Q5. Why is the COD (Cash on Delivery) possibility accessible in my location?

Ans. Accessibility of COD (Cash on Delivery) is based on the ability of our delivery partner who is handling the COD of your physical location and accepting payments in the form of a case during delivery timing. Our delivery partners are also bounded to certain limits when it comes to cash amount to be paid during delivery based on the physical location and your order value might have topped such limits.

Q6. I want to return a product, how do I organize for a pick-up?

Ans. At RobustDiet.com return of a product is quite easy. You can start by simply contacting us at info@robustdiet.com. At whatever time possible our logistic partner will enable the pick-up of the product.

Q7. Does RobustDiet.com deliver products internationally?

Ans. Currently, RobustDiet.com do not deliver products internationally.