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Robust Duo

Robust Duo

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Special Price ₹2,599.00

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Brand: RobustDiet

Quantity: 1KG Whey Protein + 300G Creatine

Shelf Life: 18 Months                                        

Container Type: Bottle

Food Preference: Veg

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This combo pack comes up with 100% Whey Protein (2.2 Lbs) plus 1 jar of Creatine Monohydrate. Getting all these supplements under Robust-2000 combo pack will allow you to maximize your gains for robust bodybuilding results. Grab this package and all these supplements worth Rs. 3749 at Rs. 2299 only. Plus, save extra 39% discount!


Whey Protein

RobustDiet 100% authentic Whey Protein is a gold-graded whey protein, which contains the purest whey, sourced from the USA and approved by the European Union. It is a powerful blend of ultra-filtered whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate. Each serving of this effective blend delivers 25g of best in fast-digesting and purest muscle tone maintaining whey protein. Whey Protein Isolate works as the main source to boost up muscle recovery during heavy-duty workouts.


Micronized Creatine Monohydrate

RobustDiet Micronized Creatine Monohydrate helps you with added strength gain to boost your body’s workout ability. Not only it strengthens muscles, but also offers a massive benefits to those who struggle to have a superior body strength to amplify their workout sessions. RobustDiet Micronized (finely powdered form) Creatine Monohydrate gets quickly absorbed by a human body and delivers instant energy results.


  1. Osm product Review by Sumit

    This is osm product..its result is osmm. I like this product..

  2. a valuable product Review by shah nawaz

    i am almost all the products and they are really good. i hope soon they launch a zero carb whey.

  3. Great products at low cost Review by Bala

    Awesome product at low price.. great results
    Whey + creatine are given best result

  4. Awesome Quality Review by Harman

    RobustDiet Extreme fat burner is a good fat burner in market. Result of this product is very good. I approx. used only for 10 days and I noticed some changes.

  5. Nice Supplemnet Review by Ramesh

    Extreme fat burner is a good fat burner. Result of this product is very good. I approx. used only for 10 days and start noticing outputs. Plus I do heavy workouts as well.

  6. Mast h boss Review by Rohan

    Yaar bda shi h ye Whey protein, mere gym trainer ne bhi bhut like kia isko. Taste wise to superb h.

  7. Awesome Delivery and Product Review by Chetan

    I received my jar in 1 day, very fast they are. As per the whey protein, I found it to be very authentic and genuine.

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From the market prospective and consumer stand point, there is no dearth of fake products in Indian Supplement industry. Many national surveys have declared that more than half of the supplements sold in our country are fake or mislabeled. RobustDiet stands-out in the supplement industry by providing FSSAI approved products and explicitly declares the source of WHEY PROTEIN used on all the products. Our trust seal is meant for the same.