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Reward Policy

1. What is Reward Point Program on RobustDiet.com?

RobustDiet.com offers a special reward point system to earn a certain amount of points to redeem discount during purchase. You can earn different points for performing different activities (or behavioral activities) at RobustDiet such as points on a product review, login points, newsletter points, sign up points, points on special events like Birthdays, social share points like earn points for Facebook like, tweeting on Twitter, and Google+ share.

2. How do I earn Reward Points?

You can start earning reward points on your purchase and after performing certain activities at RobustDiet.com. Here is how reward points will be added to your reward balance after you take certain activities:

  • You can receive 100 points for signing up on RobustDiet website.
  • Log in to your account on RobustDiet.com and earn 10 points.
  • Grab 100 points for subscribing to Newsletters.
  • You can receive 50 points for posting a product review and rating a product respectively.
  • You can also earn 200 points on special days like your birthday.
  • RobustDiet offers 200 reward points for Facebook Like, Twitter Tweets, and Google Plus share respectively.
  • You can also get 100 points for referring to your friend.

3. RobustDiet.com referral Scheme

RobustDiet.com gives 100 points to customers for referral and give 10 % discount to “Invited Friends” on purchase above Rs 1500.

4. How are my Reward Points Calculated?

Once you collected the reward points, RobustDiet.com calculates the reward points as – “Rs. 1 per 10 Reward Points”. It means if you have collected a total of 500 rewards points, you can earn Rs. 50 in your RobustDiet.com account. You can use your reward balance to grab a discount on your future purchases at RobustDiet store.

5. How do I redeem my Reward Points?

You can start redeeming your collected reward points on your checkout process. There is an option available to redeem your collected Reward Points when you are going to pay for your purchases as displayed below.