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RobustDiet.com has always taken pride in its bodybuilding supplement quality control program. All our bodybuilding supplements undergo a stringent and scientifically-based, multiple types of research and testing protocols to ensure that potential customers are getting completely untainted supplements free of toxins and additives. We only use pure and GOLD grade ingredients -- sourced from the USA. At RobustDiet, all FSSAI approved protein supplements are produced from grass fed cows, which are free from all the controversial substances.

RobustDiet gym supplements are made from USA-sourced ingredients: We at RobustDiet searched worldwide for the supreme quality, so that we can only include the purest form of ingredients in our gym supplements. All bodybuilding supplements at RobustDiet are made from natural and USA-sourced ingredients free from artificial sweeteners, colors, antibiotic, and preservatives. Plus, all our bodybuilding supplements are labelled as “rBGH-free,” “rBST-free.

FSSAI Approved Gym Supplements: FSSAI(Food safety and standards authority of India) stamp on gym supplements means the affirmation of the purest quality. So all our supplements undergo multiple quality assurance checks at every step of the manufacturing process to render our clients with a great body shape and health in both safe as well as tasty manner. FSSAI approved supplements at RobustDiet conveys our promise to deliver only the best bodybuilding supplements in India. 

GMP-certified manufacturing: Good Manufacturing Practices(GMP) certification is basically a commitment to consistency and Quality that our valuable customers deserve. So, we at RobustDiet strictly follow the GMP required certification program for our bodybuilding supplements.

Ingredient testing: During our manufacturing process, we also do further microbiological testing to ensure that every raw ingredient is guaranteed to be potent and pure.

3rd-party QA testing: After the manufacturing, labelling and sealing of our bodybuilding supplements, we take a step further by enlisting 3rd party for Quality Assurance (QA) testing to analyse and verify that the ingredients in our gym supplements are safe and in the appropriate amounts as listed on our labels.

World class formulators: At RobustDiet we have hoarded a team of most respected and experienced physicians or medical doctors to render our valuable clients with supreme quality bodybuilding supplements. Each of our supplements goes through a far-reaching approval process by industry leaders with more than 15 years of experience in producing safe and effective gym supplements.

“Quality Matters Over Everything Else” for RobustDiet.com. As you can see, each our bodybuilding supplement undergoes multiple quality assurance checks before it reaches your hands to ensure that our supplements deliver only the most effective formulations, highest quality, and GOLD rated ingredients to you and your body day in and day out—period.