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Privacy Policies

We greatly value your trust in RobustDiet.com. This is the reason we maintain high-degree standards for safe transactions and consumer information confidentiality.  Kindly read on to learn more about our information gathering and dissemination does.


Our privacy policy may change at any time without any prior notification. So, it essential for you to be aware of any changes and review our privacy policy periodically. On visiting RobustDiet.com, it means you agree to be bound by our terms & conditions associated with our privacy policy. If you disagree with such terms & conditions and privacy policy, please do not access or utilize our web portal.

On mere visiting or accessing the site, you explicitly agree to our usage & disclosure of your personal data in line with our privacy policy. Our privacy policy is integrated into and focused to the Terms of Use.


Personal Information Collection & Its Usage:

Personal information belongs to a data which can be distinctively used to recognize the individuality of a person or to contact a single individual. You may be requested to deliver your personal identification any time you are in touch with us. We have all the rights to share your personal information with our associates whenever it is required or may utilize this information consistent with our privacy policy.  


Here are different types of circumstances which require us to collect & use some types of personal information:

1. We do not deal with any type of third parties to sell or rent your personal details for any marketing intention. We only utilize your personal details as explained in the privacy policy. Your privacy protection comes for us as our one of the most crucial community principles.  We know – “You & Your Personal Identification” belongs to our most imperative assets. We safely store your personal details on our physically as well as technologically protected computers located in India. We rely on third parties to authenticate & certify our privacy principles. You have the full right not to use our site in a case where you feel the transfer or utilization of your information in our way.


2. The collection of your personal information totally depends on your will. For example, if you buy a gym supplement from us, we may ask you for your name, email address, shipping address and contact number. We gather your email address only after your signup process to receive a newsletter from us. In a case, if you are in a need to avail some special offers/services running on our website, we may ask you for your other personal details. We only utilize your personal data for our internal activities like processing & updating you about your order status.


3. Under no circumstances, we compromise (sell or rent) of your personal information to anyone for their marketing benefits without your permission. We are authorized to communicate your personal details to any other third party which puts a legal complaint appeal for its disclosure. We also assure you not to reveal your name, physical address or other personal details to anyone without your approval. We do have the right to gather basic demographic and other anonymous data that doesn’t belong to you. This information is not related to your individually recognizable information and it can’t be associated with you individually.


4. In a case, you are no longer willing to receive e-mail or other marketing updates from our end, or you want us to eliminate any of your details we have gathered from you, you can send us a request on our official email address info@robustdiet.com


5. Our website is a cookie-enabled site which stores certain kind of information every time you access or visit our site or any page of it. It helps the site to recognize the data you readily provided to our web portal and also assists us in concluding what sections of our web portal are the most suitable to your professional requirement. This cookie-enabled site may also utilize your stored information to serve suitable advertising banners to you. These banners may be associated with us or through a third-party on behalf of us. These cookies will not store any of your personal details.


6. It totally depends on you that you want our website to accept cookies or not via your own web browser. You may change your browser’s settings not to accept cookies. You do have the option to delete your browser cookies or you can disable them completely. However, if you decide to refuse cookies, you may find difficulties in fully experiencing all of our website’s functional features. Thus, we recommend you to leave your browser’s cookies turned on.