Why do I Get a Tingling Feeling After Taking Pre Workout Supplement?

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    Ever felt a tingling sensation (a pin and needle like sensation) after you’ve taken a pre-workout supplement? Or have you heard a gym buddy complain about a feeling of insects crawling over or under the flesh, just after supplementing a pre-workout. Well, it’s all due to an ingredient, i.e. Beta-alanine, which is included in almost every pre-workout supplement.

    Beta-Alanine is a non-essential beta-amino acid, which helps your body in reducing or preventing muscle fatigue. This ingredient of your pre-workout supplement works like a muscle acidity buffer.  A pure beta alanine is well tolerated in most people, but some people’s body is very sensitive to this ingredient. That’s why they experience this tingling sensation after consuming a pre-workout supplement for the very first time. This prickly feeling of tingling is nothing more than a harmless reaction of your nervous system that passes quickly; generally within an hour and a half or so. Moreover, it doesn’t indicate any toxicity, life threatening condition or anything alarming.

    Some people report about enjoying this beta alanine tingling sensation as they feel it is an indicator that the pre-workout supplement is proactively working in their bodies. Thus, it causes no serious concern and requires no special treatment or care. Its symptoms fade away as your body starts adapting to this beta alanine ingredient.

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