Whey Isolate Vs Whey Blend – Which is the Best Protein Source to Use…and Why?

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  • Should I take whey isolate or whey blend? This is the most common question arises in every fitness enthusiast’s mind. Because, most of them do not really know the actual differences between all the different types of proteins. That’s why today, we have created this post to clear up a question that commonly get about protein powder.

    Though, there are number of whey protein arguments around online. But, no clear “winner” between whey isolates and whey blend showdown. People are still juggling to figure out – “Which protein powder is better than the other to gain muscle fast??

    Read on to know… we are pretty sure that this blog post will definitely help you understand the difference between the different types of protein powder and which protein powder to make a better choice for you!

    Whey protein is arguably the most popular and fastest digesting supplement in the market, because it contains large amounts of BCAAs as well as the wide range of amino acids, which any bodybuilder, fitness enthusiast, or athlete require to build strong, lean muscle mass. Whey is a dairy protein, created as a by-product of cheese production. It mainly exists in three different forms such as Whey Concentrate, Whey Isolate and Whey Hydrolysate, and each of these protein forms has its own unique tastes and properties.

    If whey exists in three forms, i.e. Concentrate, Isolate and Hydrolysate, then what is Whey Blend? I’m sure, some of you jolt as well as curious to know… What is it and in which form of protein, Whey Blend exists??

    Whey blend is a combination of Whey Isolate and Whey Concentrate that works non-stop for 8 hours. It supports all types of activity or protein intake desire or need. It is extremely versatile and can be consumed anytime of the day along with a meal or separately.

    But, Which Protein Source is best to Use…and Why? Either go with Whey Isolate or Whey Blend?

    The primary difference between isolate and blend is that the isolate is the purest version of protein, usually made by further processing whey protein concentrate by using crossflow microfiltration or ion exchange techniques. It contains at least 90% protein by weight, with almost zero fats, carbs, lactose, or milk sugar. Plus, it is quickly absorbed, fast-digesting and enable your muscles to start rebuilding quicker while whey blend has a lower percentage of protein ratio of around 76 percent protein. It absorbs and supports your body relatively very slow.

    Besides, studies also show that if one has a problem with gas and lactose intolerant, then whey isolate is the better choice for them. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that whey blend is not making a better choice for people. It is also a very common protein powder in the market due to its cost advantage over whey isolate and purity advantage over whey concentrate. The only drawback of blend is that – it is slow-release protein and nourish our muscles and reduce muscle breakdown throughout the day while whey Isolate is 100% pure and fast-digesting protein powder and stimulates muscle protein synthesis, reduces recovery time after intense workouts and builds lean muscle mass with virtually zero fats and lactose.

    So in the battle of whey protein isolate vs whey protein blend

    Whey protein isolates win, hands down! It is so, because Isolate will provide a nutrition to your body in a wholesome and complete manner. Plus, give an immediate fuel to your muscles for heavy workout sessions without adding extra carbs and fat. Though, if money is a major issue, then whey protein blend can be put to better use for the general trainer.

    Otherwise, Whey isolate makes a better choice as compared to the whey blends.

    Hope this post helps you to get your answer and find the right form of whey for you and your goals.

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