What is the Ideal Dose and Time to Consume Whey Protein?

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    Thinking about an ideal dosage and timing for whey protein in a day? Well, the question seems simple, but the answer is not so easy and commanding any universal assent.

    Each human body differs from others based on different protein requirements. These protein requirements vary in accordance with each individual’s age, gender, body weight, medical health condition and the form of workout one performs daily.

    Here is how you can determine an ideal dosage of whey protein for you:

    Calculate Protein Requirement as per Your Body Weight: To begin with, you must inspect how much whey protein your body require based on your present weight. Be it a male or a female adult (19-50 age), both can consume 8g of Whey protein for each 20 pounds (approx. 9 Kg) of body weight every day. For example, an individual with 70kg body weight has to ingest 56g of protein every day; an athlete or a bodybuilder should ingest 1.2-1.7g of Whey protein per kg of weight; an athlete having 79 kg weight should ingest 94.8g of protein every day, etc.

    Determine What Quantity of Protein You Ingest Every Day: You can utilize a nutritional calculator to conclude how much protein you ingest every day. It will further support you in getting how much protein you still require to ingest in conjunction with your regular diet.

    Now, you might be thinking – “What is the Ideal Time to Consume Whey Protein?”

    And, the answer is – “Morning Time, Just after Workout” – the most effective time to ingest whey protein.

    The most active period to ingest Whey Protein is the morning period just after your workout. It is the best protein consuming time to acquire fast hit of muscle-building nutrients. If you are a regular exerciser, it is better to consume this Whey Protein just after your workout for quicker muscle recovery and muscle growth.

    Moreover, Whey protein can be consumed just after waking up in the morning since it is highly-digestive and supplies amino acids to the muscles and counteracts muscle breakdown. Whey protein has a higher biological value than other types of proteins. Being rich in amino acid profile, it ultimately sets you up for the full day.

    It works as a fast-acting protein source for athletes after their heavy-duty workouts.  Moreover, most of the scientists believe that your body can absorb a much of Whey Protein just after exercises than other times.

    On the other hand, the night-time is the time when your body undergoes several hours without food and it remains with inadequate nutrients to supply your muscles, which further puts your muscles into a catabolic state. Ingesting Whey Protein before bed ensures you about the sufficient nutrients to prevent your body from muscle breakdown during the overnight.