What Can Glutamine Supplement Do For You?

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  • What Can Glutamine Supplement Do For You?

    Glutamine is the most common non-essential amino acid (produced by the human body) present in the human body. It is mainly produced in your muscles and plays a major role in protein synthesis. Your blood distributes it to your organs that require it. Sometimes glutamine comes under a category of conditional amino acids where the human body stops producing the specific amino acid due to severe health problems, mental stress or heavy workouts. In terms of medicine and sports science, it is referred as L-Glutamine.

    And, this is where a glutamine supplement shines!

    Have a look at what Glutamine supplement can do for you:

    Quicker Muscle Recovery

    Glutamine helps in reducing muscle recovery time after intense exercises and also defends your body against the adverse effects of oxidative stress chemicals after heavy-duty workouts. Thus, it enhances the favorable effects of intense training on your muscle protein synthesis.

    Decreases Muscle Wastage

    Supplementing with glutamine supplement helps you to contribute to the suppression of muscle loss after prolonged rest periods such as post-surgery or post-injury. Thus, it only promotes muscle growth and reduces muscle wastage.

    Less Fatigue

    Glutamine supplementation results in less fatigue, better mood and more energy. Thus, it is beneficial for bodybuilders, regular gym-goers and athletes.

    Boosts Muscle Protein Synthesis

    It has been observed that Glutamine, when used in combination with whey protein, helps in boosting muscle protein synthesis rather than consuming protein alone or along with other essential amino acids.

    More Toned Body and Lean Muscle

    Glutamine supplementation along with intense training sessions preserves your muscle tissue, permits your body to burn more fat and results in a more toned body and more importantly to all of us, lean body mass.

    Improved Endurance Power

    Glutamine supplement makes a difference when it comes to increasing endurance power. It is beneficial for endurance athletes and enhances their running performances by expanding the endurance time until muscular fatigue.

    Less DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)

    Not only glutamine hastens the muscle recovery process, but also reduces the symptoms of DOMS following a heavyweight based training period.

    Boosts Immunity

    Glutamine supplementation boosts immunity, enhances intestinal functions and reduces the susceptibility to infections in athletes after a heavy load resistance workout.

    A Robust Heart

    Glutamine enhances cardiac hormone levels and ability to workout without any sign of heart-stress.

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