Top 5 Whey Protein Myths You Need to Stop Believing Right Now!

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    Much of what you have heard or assumed about whey protein may be wrong. To put your misconceptions to rest, we have separated whey protein facts from fictions. Read on to learn the facts behind top 5 most common whey protein supplement myths.

    Myth #1: Whey Protein Makes You Fat or More Whey is Better

    False: Whey Protein doesn’t make you fat. However, if your daily calorie intake is more than what your body requires, you will certainly gain fat. So you need to consume whey protein the way it is meant to be consumed and in the recommended dosage along with regular workouts for maximum & lean muscle gain results. Moreover, a low protein diet makes it harder for you to put on healthy muscle mass. Take the right dosage of whey protein as prescribed, not more and not less.

    Myth #2: All Whey Proteins are the Same

    False: Not all whey proteins are created equally. There are different types of whey protein, mainly whey concentrate and isolate. The blend of whey isolate and whey concentrate is much effective for positive bodybuilding results. Also, we mustn’t overlook all other additives that constitute a whey protein supplement…. that’s why only produces authentic, gold-graded, FSSAI-approved whey protein (a blend of whey isolate & concentrate), sourced from USA (from 100% green grass fed cows) and approved by European Union (EU).

    Myth #3: Too Much Protein is Deadly for Kidney Health

    False: There is no conclusive evidence to back up this claim that too much protein negatively impacts healthy people with proper kidney functioning. Only when an individual already has some existing kidney issues or severe medical conditions, then caution is required so as not to exacerbate such condition. Also, we recommend you all drink plenty of water while consuming whey protein regularly to quickly absorb protein into your body.

    Myth #4: Endurance Bodybuilder or Athlete Doesn’t Require Protein 

    False: Likewise, birds don’t require water? This is the biggest myth among all other myths. If you’re busting your butt very hard to attain those slow-twitch muscle fibers like birds, you should not forget to intake a quick acting protein, like whey, else your body will starve for the essential building blocks to rebuild muscle mass. Furthermore, this muscle fatigue can degrade your body’s recovery rate. Consuming whey protein supports to avoid such muscle fatigue or loss and enhance stamina during endurance training or sports. We recommend you to go for a whey protein that is enriched with essential amino acids, like RobustDiet Whey Protein for optimum muscle growth and strength training capacity.

    Myth #5: Whey Protein Produces Discomfort Related to Gas

    False: Gas like discomfort may only affect you if you’re consuming a whey protein that lacks digestive enzymes or having a high lactose level. Thereby, if you’re a lactose-intolerant, a whey protein can produce discomfort related to gas and constipation. So you should go for a whey protein with low lactose level, like RobustDiet whey protein.

    Well, here you have this legit whey protein guidance with facts. Hope this blog helps you in clearing up the afore-shared misconceptions about whey protein. Now, you can confidently go for your next jar of whey. Don’t believe the marketing hypes and be fooled by them.

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