The Authentic Differences between Whey & Casein

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  • Walk into any gym supplement store, you’re just likely to hear about jargons and the tag lines they use to brand their protein supplements. The major protein powerhouse players are Whey and Casein. Do you want to know which one is better for you without all the marketing hypes? So let us authentically start off with WHEY Vs CASEIN.

    Whey is a byproduct of cheese manufacturing process (from milk) or when you curd milk. Nearly 20% of protein found in milk is whey protein. Although, Casein (curdled residue in the cheese making process) is also found in milk and it is the most abundant protein in cow’s milk, but whey & Casein both differ greatly in terms of digestion rate, muscle growth, usage, biological value, etc.

    One huge benefit of consuming whey protein is that it quickly gets into your bloodstream within just 1-2 hours and raises your blood amino acid levels much higher compared to casein protein. As whey is a faster acting protein and gets digested into the body so quickly, it can speedily start with the first line of repair on your muscles. Conversely, casein is slower in digestion and takes a very long time to reach your bloodstream to boost blood amino acids. But, casein lasts longer in the bloodstream – near about eight hours.

    When it comes to the amino acids profile of both these proteins, casein contains a lower percentage of BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) than whey. This lower percentage of BCAA is the main reason behind casein’s slower digestion rate that further proceeds to low protein synthesis than whey.

    Whey has a greater solubility in water compared to casein. And that’s why this solubility factor also leads to quick absorption of whey protein in the body. However, casein doesn’t dissolve much faster in water compared to whey. So, you ensure that you’re stirring and shaking it thoroughly before consumption. Furthermore, casein is also considered as a better source of protein that stays longer & slowly used by the body.

    The next point we touch on will be the consumption timings for whey and casein. Since whey gets quickly absorbed in the body, so never consume it at inappropriate timings else it will just go as the wastage of money. It is better to consume whey protein during breakfast as it directly goes into your muscles after a complete night of food shortage. The appropriate time to intake casein protein is night time to avoid muscle breakdown.

    If you keep all these differences in mind, you can easily choose a protein supplement as per the benefits shared above. Also, always choose an authentic protein supplement, like RobustDiet whey protein.  For RobustDiet’s gold-graded, FSSAI-approved and USA-sourced pure whey protein, you can place an order at