The 7 Reasons Why you Should Be Using BCAA supplements

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  • the-7-reasons-why-you-should-be-using-bcaa-supplements

    Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) is the most popular supplement in the market today. As, it is the single most important supplement that has been proven effective in different scenarios. It comes in handy for those bodybuilders or athletes who desire to be in top physical condition. But, a few people have also been fed some myths that gym supplements can only be derived from animal and byproducts.

    Forget that! I’m pretty sure, most of you have heard of soy protein, hemp protein, pea protein, etc. Are Soy, Hemp, and Pea inanimate ingredients? No, right? Then why you need to compromise with your physique. If you are following a strict veggie diet and workout plan to lose weight and accelerate your metabolism, it’s good to add BCAAs to your diet.

    Below we have covered 7 good reasons that tell you why BCAA supplements should be your primary supplement.

    1) Reduce Your Sore Muscles

    After the workout, you must experience muscle soreness which is known as DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Spasm). Initially, DOMS was thought to be lactic acid. But as per the new and recent studies, lactic acid isn’t the cause of delayed onset muscle spasm.

    Well, you can reduce the intensity of your sore muscles with BCAA supplements. Studies show that, 100mg/kg intake of BCAA can outstandingly diminish the muscle soreness within two days after an intense workout. If you take it with taurine, you will find that your muscle soreness will decrease after a workout.

    2) Maximize the Energy Level

    Without the required energy, muscle catabolism appears during intense workouts. So in this case BCAAs help your body by adding an additional source of ATP to your workout. Plus, it contributes great energy to your activities, so you should take or treat BCAA as your Pre-workout supplement. In fact, it can be also used to improve muscle endurance by rendering extra energy.

    3) Boost Your Workout Intensity

    BCAAs are known to help increase workout stamina and decrease the perceived fatigue during intense training. However, this particular supplement allows your body to tolerate high amounts of stress and get the results that you actually wish for.

    4) Easily absorbed by the Body

    Many people think that Branched Chain Amino Acids are also found in whey protein supplements. Then, why buy BCAAs? But, you are mistaken, there a huge difference between both supplements. When protein, coupled with BCAAs can be processed in the liver, but a separate BCAA supplement can go directly to the skeletal muscles which help your muscles to avoid catabolism during and after workouts.

    5) Enhance Strength

    Those who workout or train every day, strength is a measure of progress. Bodybuilding experts believe that whey protein intake can only increase strength, but Branched Chain Amino Acid supplements can able to improve the overall neuromuscular adaptations. That’s why BCAAs are necessary to include in the diet, especially for athletes and bodybuilders.

    6) Build muscle

    BCAA is one of the prime supplements used in the market in order to build muscle. The main functions of Branched Chain Amino Acid are to prevent the expression of complexes that may involve in protein breakdown and increase protein synthesis rate. According to the renowned bodybuilding experts, BCAA also works well in improving the body’s testosterone level during resistance training.

    7) Equalizer even for older individuals

    Well, it is unavoidable that age catches up to each one of us. Eventually, our testosterone level decreases. So men will face more difficulties while building muscle and cutting weight as they grow old. In this scenario, BCAA is found to be beneficial and prolonged protein synthesis especially for aged people. Additionally, it supports better testosterone to cortisol ratio where the muscles can easily recover.

    Now hope you believe that BCAA supplements are totally worth to buy. Whether you are improving your general health or body composition, Branched Chain Amino Acid is an essential and necessary supplement.

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