Smoking is Injurious to Your Bodybuilding

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  • Smoking is Injurious to Your Bodybuilding

    Though a unified consensus rings all around the whole world against smoking, many bodybuilders, indifferent to their personal bodybuilding progression hazards, are still indulged in this bad habit.

    Smoking is bad for gym buffs. If you are a smoking bodybuilder, you must have read this, ‘Smoking Kills’ – a health warning message printed behind every cigarette pack; even you can hear such health reminders, like ‘Smoking Kills’ or ‘Smoking is Injurious to Your Health’ in theatres. But if you are still ignoring it, it will kill your bodybuilding progression. Yes, you read that right! Not only this, it is also going to deduct time out of your life. Even most of the bodybuilders don’t aware about its bad effects on bodybuilding that no amount of bodybuilding practices or a disciplined diet can undo.

    Here are the top 5 effects of smoking on bodybuilding:

    1. Smoking Lowers Energy & Performance in the Gym

    Smoking habit can play havoc with your lung capacity and result in reduced lung capacity. This reduced lung capacity is going to exhaust a smoking bodybuilder completely after just performing a heavy set of squats, followed by a few bench presses. Not only it affects your energy level and bodybuilding performance in the gym, but the presence of tobacco in cigarette damages all of your body’s muscle cells.

    2. Smoking Hampers Muscle Growth & Endurance

    If you’re addicted to taking ciggi-break between your workouts, you need to pull down this bad habit as it negatively affects your muscle growth. Yes, it is true! Your oxygen starved and carbon monoxide fed muscles lose their endurance capacity plus growth.

    Since a smoking bodybuilder produces more phlegm than non-smokers, this increased phlegm begins to collect in the air passage and hinders correct respiration. This incorrect respiration further limits the maximal oxygen intake which is required by your blood flow to reach your muscles for optimum muscle growth.

    3. Smoking Makes Your Heart Beat Fast

    Because your body’s respiratory system is going to immediately affected by the stimulating effect of nicotine, there is a boost of 30% (average) in your heart beat, faster than a non-smoking bodybuilder. This boost in heart beat affects the output of your workout in significant ways. It forces your heart to work hard to attain enough circulation, compels your body to spend more energy during workouts, increases blood pressure and results in reduced workout performance.

    4. Smoking Reduces the Level of Oxygen in the Body

    A smoking bodybuilder’s haemoglobin (that carries oxygen through the blood) prefers to carry carbon monoxide (inhaled through the cigarette) through the blood, compared to oxygen. Thus, it will feed your muscles with carbon monoxide instead of oxygen during your workouts and, resultantly, causes a performance reduction.

    On the other hand, the Tar present in cigarettes coats the lung & its microscopic air sacs and diminishes their elasticity. This further reduces the absorption of oxygen into your bloodstream.

    5. Adverse Effect on Testosterone Levels

    Testosterone is one of the main hormones of a bodybuilder which is responsible for packing on muscle and remaining in shape. Smoking causes damage to the cells that generate testosterone in your body. Thus, if your testosterone level reduces, your muscles start to gain fat, especially in those body areas where you don’t want fat, like your chest and around your stomach belly.


    Smoking addiction just starts in your own mind. The nasty cigarettes don’t only affect your physical health, but also leave a mental imprint on your brain and it is all up to you to control this adverse habit in a positive manner to reach your bodybuilding goals. So quit smoking and start hitting the gym.

    Just keep simple words in your mind – “Smoking Kills” – and you have to kill it before it kills your bodybuilding and you!