Should I Take Whey Protein On Non-Gym Days?

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  • Should I take protein on non workout days

    “Hit the gym hard and then rest to grow!” – is something that you usually hear from your gym trainer. It is true, indeed, that a time off from the gym (commonly called non-gym days or rest days) allows your body and mind to get fully recovered and grow. It is the most important time to make maximum gains from the hours spent in the gym. A supplement like Whey Protein can be an incredibly important part of this time and its consistency can be paramount to your muscle-developing & repairing process.

    Most gym-goers don’t know that although a workout can greatly boost your muscle anabolism (muscle growth), but gym training also leads to muscle catabolism (muscle breakdown). In fact, some research reports convey that the muscle breakdown impact of intense gym training can exist for up to 48 hours. Thereby, it’s necessary to keep your muscles primed with the required amount of protein.

    Non-gym days are the most significant days for nurturing protein synthesis. These days work as a great opportunity for you to amplify muscle recovery and growth. This is a time when your muscles need a steady stream of muscle-repairing protein to maintain a constant muscle anabolism for longer periods. RobustDiet Whey Protein is manufactured specifically to do just this. This state-of-the-art whey protein formulation works efficiently to sustain your on-going muscle repair and growth process during both gym and non-gym days.

    Never forget that hitting the gym hard promotes your muscle growth, but how you nourish your body – for as long as 48 hours after the gym – is crucial to obtain maximum results from the days spent in the gym. If you slack off on your protein diet, even during non-gym days, your resulting outcomes will surely suffer greatly. Therefore, you should take whey protein on your non-gym days, too.

    Utilize your rest days to supply your muscles with effective levels of protein to sustain optimal muscle recovery and growth. Similar to your gym days, make a plan of your diet & protein supplementation, stick to it, and be disciplined with it, even on your non-gym days.

    You can consider RobustDiet’s gold-graded whey protein that contains 100% authentic whey ingredient sourced from USA’s hormone free grass-fed cows and approved by the European Union. It will surely help you to pack on additional proteins that your body need to ignite the muscle-repairing process over non-gym days.

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