Should Asthmatic Patients Use Creatine?

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  • Should Asthmatic Patients Use Creatine?

    Creatine delivers added strength gain benefits to training or workout. It enhances your ability to do work without fatigue as it supports energy production. But, is creatine completely safe for your health? There are certain reports that connected creatine with an increased risk of Asthma. Thus, if you’re already an asthmatic patient, should you use creatine supplement?

    Well, asthma is a severe chronic state triggering inflammation in the airways that results in constriction of the airways. Most of the experts consider genetic and environmental factors as the causes of asthma. For example, a genetic tendency to cultivate allergies, parental history of asthma and infants with respiratory viral infections, etc.  But, as stated by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, the real cause of asthma is still unknown.

    According to a 1988 study by the University Of Washington School Of Medicine, Seattle exposed that the usage of a recommended dosage of creatine for the short-term period didn’t give birth to any significant adverse effects. Moreover, there were no side effects found when creatine supplement was used over a period of ten months to five years at a high dosage (around 15g to 30g per day), according to a report of the year 2000, where football players were treated with this dosage at the American College of Sports Medicine 2000 Annual Scientific Meeting.

    Therefore, the evidence clearly states that Creatine supplement can’t be the real culprit. Just ignore such horror stories of increased prevalence of asthma attacks in endurance athletes due to creatine supplementation as it could be due to excessive exercise or pre-asthmatic conditions of such athletes.  Thus, if you’re already an asthmatic patient, you should avoid using creatine as it may just worsen your pre-asthmatic condition by activating airway epithelium.