Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC)
This type of whey protein comes with a very low level of fat and carbohydrates (or lactose). It is the non-heat treated type of whey protein, which comes with purest & fresh nutrients. Basically, a whey concentrate contains 70-80% of protein. It means 33-gram scoop contains around 24 to 26 grams of protein. However, the protein

If this title caught your attention, then there’s a great chance that you’re no more tired of seeing the weight on the scale budge. Yes, it’s indeed true! Because here in this post we have buckled up some impressive Do’s and Don’ts on extra muscle mass that help you build a physique like a Skyscraper just in the next four

A Balanced Diet Means a Great Body!
Undoubtedly, bodybuilders use whey protein to rebuild as well as repair muscles that spontaneously broken down throughout the workout. But inadequate consumption of whey protein will put you in a fat-storage and muscle atrophy phase and also shut down your metabolism. According to U.S. Government, The Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of protein is

Pre-workout supplements belong to a category of bodybuilding supplements that are taken before a workout to increase performance. They contain a combination of BCAA, caffeine, Creatine monohydrate, Beta alanine, and other nutrients & vitamins that provide your body with the fuel that can’t be generated on its own.  Basically, these supplements are manufactured to offer your body the stimulus it

Muscle mass means the weight of your body’s muscles in Kg or Pounds covering skeletal muscles, smooth muscles and water contained in your muscles. Most of the fitness enthusiasts make mistakes when it comes to gaining & growing muscle mass and burning body fat. Building muscle mass leads to energy consumption and fat burning. It means that as soon as

A masculine, broad & V-shaped chest is the dream of every gym-goer or bodybuilder. To turn your dream into reality, we have come up with some full-gym chest workouts that will assist you to sculpt that powerful look you want.
Here we go:
5 Best Chest Workouts:
After performing some conventional chest workouts and pounding the pecs (also referred

Well, it’s not a coincidence that Whey Protein and Creatine are the world’s most popular bodybuilding supplements used by athletes as well as bodybuilders alike. Regardless of the skepticism that surrounds, various studies have confirmed both creatine and protein helps biceps grow faster.
Biceps serve as an exceptionally visible muscle group, where most of the men like to focus on.

Do you want to fill out your shirt’s loose sleeves? Or want big and well-defined cut arms to burst out of your shirt sleeves? If yes, you must focus upon your triceps (the only major muscle of the back of the arm). Triceps are the most attractive part of your arm muscles and support you in extending your arm at