Know Your Body Type and Choose Appropriate Gym Supplements For It

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  • Have you been busting your butt in the gym for years and taking the best bodybuilding supplement in your clean diet, but aren’t getting any positive result in your physique? If your answer is “yes”, you might be taking a gym supplement and doing a workout for a body form other than your own.

    Yes, you read that right; each individual’s body is different from others and the different body responds differently to both workout and supplementary diet. As a result, it’s crucial to figure out your body type first to attain your physique goals. Knowing about your body type will help you better tailor your dietary supplement and workout program that work best for you. That’s why we’ve come up with this blog to help you in identifying your body type.

    So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

    What is Your Body Type?

    Be it a man or woman, there are basically three body types:



    1. Ectomorph – Distinguished by a Skinny Body with a Short On Muscles

    An individual with ectomorph body type will naturally look skinny with long limbs and fingers. This body type person possesses low body fat and struggle to gain weight, either muscle mass or fat. Thus, you guys need to concentrate on fueling your body with a lot of calories to gain weight.

    What is the Best Workout for an Ectomorph?

    Ectomorphs should consider some short and intense workouts to gain muscle size and not fat. You guys don’t need to do extra cardio exercises. Since you own a fast metabolism, it will naturally strip off fat and keep your body lean. And, if you are busting your butts in the gym for 4-5 days a week, you are only boosting your already fast metabolism. Thus, you need to just focus on strength training with limited cardio exercises.  We do recommend you to practice simple routines with compound exercises per muscle group. Keep at least 1 rest day in between your last workout day.

    Best Supplements for Ectomorphs:

    Because ectomorphs have thin body structure, they require a lot of calories to achieve their dream physiques. Thus, the supplements like Whey Protein, Weight Gainer and Double Mass Gainer with high carb content are definitely recommended. Moreover, you guys can also consume BCAA supplement which will help you to quickly recover from the muscle fatigue during training or workouts. Taking this BCAA supplement will boost your muscle protein synthesis and lead to lean muscle development.

    2. Mesomorph – The Well-Proportioned Body Shape (A Genetic Jackpot)

    Mesomorphs have a well-proportioned body shape with an average sized bone structure (example, a face with cheekbones and a square jaw) and lean body mass. This body shape is the best body type for bodybuilding to quickly add muscle and lose fat. However, the downside to this body shape is that it grabs fat easily, so mesomorphs should observe their calorie intake more carefully.

    What is the Best Workout for a Mesomorph?

    A mesomorph body type quickly responds to exercises like low reps and power moves. A variety of weekly resistance training period with moderate to heavy weights will help to stimulate your muscle growth.  On the other hand, interval sprints will boost your metabolism and strip off body fat.

    Best Supplements for Mesomorphs:

    Mesomorphs should consider a balanced diet with an adequate amount of protein so that an existing body shape is maintained. A whey protein with low carb works best for this body type and it should be consumed post-workout. RobustDiet’s gold-graded whey protein (Whey Sourced from the USA) is a strong choice for mesomorphs. Moreover, the mesomorph body type also responds well to creatine, thereby you can go for RobustDiet’s Creatine supplement. The supplement is specially designed to support faster muscle recovery after a strenuous workout. It is an ideal supplement for those Mesomorphs who want a lean and athletic body shape.


    3. Endomorph – Characterized by Excess Body Fat or Round Physique

    An individual with endomorph body type is distinguished by excess body fat and roundness, often in the cheeks or face, (example: a chubby face), waist and limbs. This type of body looks soft and chubby along with a lackluster muscle growth. Limbs generally seem to be short and curvy.

    What is the Best Workout for an Endomorph?

    While most of the endomorphs focus on shedding fats by means of aerobic exercises, we recommend you to go for weight training. Your excessive body fat will boost your basal metabolic rate and burn calories during this weight training, thereby helping you in your muscle growth rather than storing onto fat cells. Thus, we at RobustDiet recommend you to do a four-day hypertrophy training (heavy weight + low reps) in a week together with the limited cardiovascular workout.

    Best Supplements for Endomorphs:

    Endomorphs should strictly follow a balanced calorie diet plan that contains the minimum amount of carbohydrates, fats, and even protein. However, you can take vitamins and mineral supplement in this diet so that your body doesn’t get deprived of any essential nutrients, and a natural fat burning formula like ‘Extreme Fat Burner’ is also recommended to boost fat burn rate without any side-effect. This supplement is specially designed to offer healthy, safe and genuine weight loss results. It includes natural fat burning elements like green coffee, cocoa seed extract, Garcinia Cambogia extracts, grapefruit extract, bromelain, and capsicum annuum. This supplement helps you in controlling your hunger for unhealthy or junk foods to attain a lean and healthy body.

    Thus, it is good to recognize your body type to follow a different regimen in comparison to others. Hopefully, this blog will give you a clear insight into what body type you have, what workout should be done, and which supplement works best for you to achieve your dream physique. For authentic gold-graded gym supplements, you can place an order at

    Knowing is half the battle of busting butts in the gym!