Key Differences between Bodybuilding and Strength Training

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  • Key Differences between Bodybuilding and Strength Training

    So, you’re wondering that what the difference is between bodybuilding and strength training. Well, if you’re like most fitness enthusiasts, you have probably asked yourself this question and thought answers like: any kind of resistance training on your muscle will have the same results or both terms mean to get big and robust muscular physique with perfect cuts and curves – but if so, you’re thinking wrong! Yes, there’s a huge rift between bodybuilding and strength training. And, it’s time to dip your toes into the real world of fitness and explore the key differences between bodybuilding and strength training.

    The Difference in “Muscular” Results

    Strength training does exactly what its name suggests, it helps your body to develop real and functional strength. It doesn’t increase the size of your muscles as much, it mainly results in much denser muscle mass and added strength benefits. Yes, muscle size and shape, in this case of training for strength, don’t matter.  This type of workout is only focused on strengthening your muscles to produce maximum force to lift heavy objects.

    On the other hand, bodybuilding is all about gaining & building up the muscle size and it is not much focused on increasing strength. Conversely, it is mainly focused on increasing the fluid within the muscle cells to have big bulky muscles and a bigger looking body.

    So, first decide what your main goal is: BodyBuilding or Strength Gain?

    The Difference in Training or Workout

    Training for strength requires lifting very heavy weight for a low number of repetitions. This further proceeds to a change in the nervous system and encourage the growth of genuine muscle fibers, resulting in robust dense muscles that have the potential to leverage heavyweight.

    The type of workouts should include big compound lifts and less isolation workouts to target many muscles at once. It simply means that you need to do more sets (a series of repetitions of a workout done in a sequence without rest) per workout. And, the resting time is generally greater between sets to improve your muscle strength.

    When it comes to bodybuilding, it includes lifting considerably lighter weights for higher repetitions. It increases the amount of fluid within the muscle cells and results in bigger bulkier muscles. Moreover, the workouts are very different, but still involving big compound lifts for greater muscle groups. As bodybuilding includes many exercises, a bodybuilder needs to do fewer sets along with a less resting time period.

    The Difference in Dietary Approach 

    Making a muscle grow needs a slightly altered approach to your diet than making a muscle stronger. Undoubtedly, both cases require energy derived from carbohydrates, but a bodybuilder primarily needs to load his/her with protein to gain muscle size. However, a weightlifter will have to take the supplements that help in boosting their strength and endurance power like Creatine Monohydrate, BCAA, Whey Protein, Glutamine, etc.

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