How To Identify the Authenticity of GYM Supplements ?

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  • How To Identify the Authenticity of GYM Supplements ?

    For any professional or amateur gym goer, or athlete living in India, one of the major concern is of the supplements (and also of to identify the authenticity of the supplement). Because, more than 60% of bodybuilding supplements being sold in the Indian market are fake or originating from Grey Market, which unfortunately makes difficult for body builders to recognize the right supplements without having much knowledge about it.

    That’s why in this post, we have listed a few simple tips that help you determine whether the supplement you’re going to buy is genuine or not!

    Rule No. 1 – Check the Seal Properly

    If you find that the supplement you are buying has no seal or a seal, but loosely placed, then it’s definitely fake! So check it carefully on the inner side of the lid. As, the original products have proper edges and uniformly attached seal rather than open, or loosely attached one. Seal usually have endorsed brand name on it, If it is plain and of poor quality then the supplement is probably fake.

    Rule No. 2 – Check the Logo/Hologram

    Most of the renowned brands have a hologram mark or the logo of their brand which is difficult to forge. So, whenever you out for supplement shopping always check that container must have the licensed supplement importer’s hologram/logo without any tampered logo.

    Rule No. 3 – Bar Code / QR Code

    The bar code and QR code give the right information about the product. So before making a purchase, you should always check the fineness of supplements, using the QR scanner on your smart phone to get the details. If you find anything unusual, immediately contact the specific supplements company.

    Rule no. 4 – Pay Close Attention on Supplement taste, mix-ability and Smell

    If you’re a regular supplement user, then you should give careful consideration to the taste, color, mix-ability, texture and smell whenever you buy a new container. If you feel any kind of change in the same, it should set alarm bells ringing. So, its always better to get in touch the supplement company for reconfirmation about the changes you observe in the supplement.

    Rule No. 5 – Check the quality of packaging and labeling

    Guniune supplement brands not only pay attention to supplement taste, color and mix-ability, in fact, they also pay extra attention on the quality of labeling as well as packaging. But fake supplement makers generally make mistakes, they don’t do such quality checks. So, whenever you buy a supplement, you should have a glance at the following things to recognize the duplicate ones.

    1) Check whether the TM is there or not

    2) Actively look for spelling mistakes

    3) The quality of printed labels should also be checked

    4) Look at the LOT No, Mfg. Date, Expiry Date, MRP sticker etc. for guniuness of supplements

    Hope these tips will help you identify fake supplements from the original ones. Fake products can have life-threatening consequences, so be cautions while purchasing your next supplement, especially in India Market.

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    Happy Bodybuilding!!