Fat Burner Not Working Effectively – 10 Solutions

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    As you all know – “You Will Get Out What You Put In.” The body fat loss success you achieve depends on the efforts you put in to make your fat burner supplement more effective. A fat burning capsule is not like a magic pill that can shed extra pounds without exercises and other hard-working efforts. A fat burner only makes your fat losing journey easier and you need to put in some extra efforts while supplementing Fat Burner to get the most out of it. So, here are 10 effective solutions to incorporate with your fat burner in order to maximize the effectiveness this supplement:

    1. Begin with a Lower Dose and Increase Gradually

    Initially you need to start with a lower dose of a fat burner and then gradually increase its dosage after 7-10 days. Starting with a lower dose may evoke the same response. Gradually increased dose will help you to attain the earlier response from your fat burner supplement, as your body adapts to the stimulants that were introduced initially with a less dosage.  Increase the dose by 20-50%, but make sure to be under the safe limits.

    2. Adhere to a Balanced Use of Fat Burner

    Reduce the dose after six to eight weeks and then cease it, as with its long usage you may jeopardize your central nervous system plus your metabolism. Split its dosage in half for three to four days and again split into another halve for the next three to four days. There should be a gap of around six to eight weeks prior to supplementing fat burner again.

    3. Cycling Fat Burner is a Key

    While considering the usage of fat burner, cycling is the main key. Over time, your body becomes less sensitive to some ingredients present in a fat burner just like some stimulant-based supplements. Besides, an over usage of fat burner raises cortisol levels that further slow down fat loss, breakdown muscle tissues and result in fat storage. To prevent such issues – cycle your fat burner. Moreover, if you notice that your fat burner was initially offering you positive effects and now it is doing nothing for you, it is the definite sign of cycling your fat burner.

    4. Take an Adequate Deep Sleep

    An adequate deep sleep plays a significant role to support your fat loss goals. Deep sleep is crucial to maintain a high metabolic rate and enhance your recovery experience between your training sessions. Thereby, it helps in enhancing your appetite the next day. If you don’t take enough sleep, your cortisol level elevates that promote fat accumulation.

    Make sure your fat burner is not obstructing your sleeping. Avoid taking any stimulant-based supplement after your lunchtime. We recommend you to plan your fat burner consumption around the day time or before 6 p.m. and keep the rest day stimulant free after 6 p.m.

    5. Elevate Water Intake

    A fat burner supplement boosts your metabolism and results in more sweat while supplementing it on a regular basis. It tends to have a diuretic effect that promotes loss of water weight in body, while you may spend more time in visiting the men’s or women’s room. These situations can put you under a state of dehydration and slow down your metabolism.

    You need to elevate your water intake, at least 3-4 liters of water per day to keep yourself hydrated, boost your metabolism and expedite fat loss. Furthermore, you also need to drink at least 250ml of water with each of your fat burner dosage for its quick absorption in the body plus hydration benefits. If your environment is too hot where you perform your workout, you will sweat more for longer, so you should double your water intake.

    6. Pick up a Right Fat Burner

    The supplement market is flooded with different types of fat burners. Different types of fat burner serve differently. For instance, if you are looking for a fat burner to have a control over your hunger, you need to go for a fat burner containing an ingredient, i.e. Hoodia. This ingredient has an appetite-suppressing power that  controls your appetite. However, if you’re madly after energy, you need a fat burner containing ingredients like caffeine, Yohimbe or Synephrine.

    On the other hand, a thermogenic fat burner elevates your core body temperature that further helps you in burning more calories during the whole day. Moreover, if you need a healthy, safe and genuine fat burning supplement, you should look for a fat burner that contains natural fat burning elements such as extracts of garcinia cambogia, green coffee, cocoa seed extract, grapefruit extract, bromelain and capsicum annuum. It safely promotes fat loss while keeping your energy levels up. For such kind of fat burner, you can consider RobustDiet’s Extreme Fat Burner that contains all these natural fat burning elements.

    7. Time Your Fat Burner with Your Meals

    Make sure to consume first dosage of fat burner when you don’t have to do a meal for a few hours. Because its dosage will reduce your appetite. Thus, you don’t have to fight off with hunger for a few hours after just taking the fat burner’s dosage. There are some fat burners that recommend you to consume their two dosages in a day – one dose before your workout and 2nd one during the time when your hunger is at a peak.

    8. Adequate Protein

    The most important, but often ignored, tip on the way to effectively use a fat burner – is to intake adequate protein along with the fat burner intake. This enough protein consumption will help you to maintain lean muscle mass while losing fat, otherwise fat burner will start affecting your muscle mass.

    9. Don’t Ignore Cardio

    While determinately putting efforts to amplify fat loss, cardio is another important key, similar to the bodybuilders that cover cardio near the end of their competition preparations to elevate body fat loss. A robust workout plan in conjunction with a healthy diet is crucial, but cardio acts like an ice on the cake to expedite your fat burner.

     10. Healthy Eating Plan

    One thing is certain, if you are taking fat burner supplement, but keeping a poor diet containing junk food or unhealthy food – you’re going to ruin your fat burner’s effects. Thus, you need to use a fat burner in combination with a healthy eating regimen for best outcomes.

    Avoid donuts, ice cream, sodas, and other sugary beverages, if you’re after fat loss, thinking that your fat burner will protect you from the avalanche of superfluous calories you’re just consuming. Keep your focus on healthy diet only that covers whole grains, fresh vegetables & fruits and adequate protein. Moreover, you can follow no-carbs diet or lower carb diets.

    Nothing matter what nutrition plan you opt to follow, as almost all of them are effective. The main point is that you should keep yourself consistent with such plan, and if you do so, undoubtedly, you will surely make positive gains.

    Summing it Up…

    If a fat burner is used properly in tune with the manufacturer’s or a certified nutrition’s  recommendation, there is no reason that your fat burner is not working effectively for you.

    You can consider RobustDiet’s Extreme Fat Burner (Veggie Capsules) which is the mixture of natural compounds like garcinia Cambogia, green coffee, cocoa seed extract, grapefruit extract, bromelain and capsicum annum. It works effectively by boosting your metabolism and helps you shed extra fat.

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