Does Whey Protein Prevent DOMS from Derailing your Workout?

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  • Does Whey Protein Prevent DOMS from Derailing your Workout?

    Bashed a challenging workout outside your usual range of intensity? You feel great – until you get out of bed for next a.m. workout, feeling so sore and oogy.

    Likelihoods are, you feel major difficulty while walking down the stairs after a leg session, or getting up from your chair, or it may even hurt to move your arm to brush your teeth. It means your body has entered into DOMS (referred as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness).

    DOMS is a painful condition in which your body feels stiffness in muscles after training harder than usual. This nastiness gradually increases and continues for 12 to 48 hours after a hard workout. Some people often notice it after sleeping. DOMS leads to derailing your workout and makes it tough for you to stay on that ongoing workout track.

    What Causes DOMS?

    Your body breaks down carbohydrates to get enough energy during a workout. That further leads to lactic acid production. And, this lactic acid production gives birth to microscopic tears that cause muscle structure damage and result in mild to severe muscle soreness, often during the workout, or several hours after a hard workout. It may last for 12 to 48 hours, or sometimes for several days.

    How Does Whey Protein Help in DOMS?

    During hard workout time period, your body naturally supplies the required energy and amino acids to facilitate muscle contractions. After completing a workout session, your muscles go into a recovery phase to get repaired. And when it comes to muscle recovery & repair, amino acids – available in whey protein – are just what’s required by your body. This is where whey protein helps to restrict the harshness of DOMS by boosting up muscle recovery process.

    If you are a gym-goer, bodybuilder or an athlete, DOMS prevention is one of the most essential considerations for you as it critically affects each aspect of your workout sessions such as workout intensity, muscle strength, muscle growth, workout’s effect, body composition, workout’s results, hormone levels, anabolism, catabolism and workout recovery. Take whey protein and start preventing DOMS from derailing your workout. And, say goodbye to that nasty DOMS!

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