Complement Your Healthy Lifestyle with Grass Fed Whey Protein!

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  • Complement Your Healthy Lifestyle with Grass Fed Whey Protein!

    While purchasing a whey protein, obviously you want an authentic whey protein that gives you a plenty of bang for your buck.  With so many whey protein supplements available in the market, you may have no idea about the best whey protein. Grass fed whey protein is a healthier alternative to regular whey. Let’s have a quick look on its benefits:

    • Growth Hormone Content – Definitely not!

    Hormones like bovine growth hormone, or bovine somatotropin (also known as bGH, rbGH, bST, or bST) are used to make cow grow faster. Plus, these hormones force cows to produce more milk. This forcefully produced milk contains added hormones that further induce side effects if you consume a whey protein derived from such milk. However, a grass fed whey protein is sourced from cows that are kept under a strict diet of only natural green grasses, making their milk entirely free from growth hormone content.

    • Highly-Rich in Essential Amino Acid

    Cows that are permitted to roam and graze freely on green grass fields give a superior quality milk, having a complete amino acid profile. This milk supports your bones to keep on strong, your skin to looking good and your body to develop lean muscles. As a grass fed whey protein supplement, you can reap all these benefits at once.

    • Excellent Source of Minerals

    Consuming a grass fed whey protein supplement offers an outstanding source of minerals such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorous. Whilst calcium works as a building block of your bones and Magnesium supports your muscle relaxation during activity, Phosphorus is responsible for growth and cellular reproduction.

    • GMO Free

    Grass fed cows are not allowed to eat genetically modified things like corn. GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) based things possess risky & harmful pesticides that further give birth to several health issues. Thus, we can say that a grass fed whey protein is 100% GMO-free.

    • Smooth Taste & Texture – No Added Ingredients!

    A grass-fed whey protein offers a smooth taste and texture without any extra artificial sweeteners, preservatives, additives, fillers or other chemicals. Thereby, a green grass fed whey is the authentic way to grab the peace of mind by knowing exactly what your supplement contains.

    • Nutritionally Superior, Easy to Digest & Anti-aging Benefits

    A grass-fed whey protein is nutritionally superior to a regular whey as it contains glutathione that plays a role of antioxidant and detoxifier in your immune system. Thus, a grass fed whey protein gives your body an intense boost of immune factors that strengthen your body against bacteria as well as viruses.

    • No Heavy Metals/Toxins

    Green grass fed whey protein supplement has been rigorously tested and is free of heavy metals or toxins like lead, arsenic, and mercury. Make sure to read the label before buying a protein supplement.

    • Superior Health Benefits

    By choosing a green grass fed whey protein means you’re getting superior health benefits apart from building only muscles. An authentic whey protein is responsible for detoxification, nail and hair growth, and healthy growth of intestinal flora. It is significant to maintain the body’s protein requirements, overall health and human body development.

    • Muscle Improvement

    Not only grass fed whey protein helps in the muscle recovery process, but also helps in muscle improvement. For example, if your muscles are stronger and bigger, damage (like DOMS – Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) won’t occur each time you perform a difficult or challenging workout.

    • Anti-Inflammatory Action

    Grass-fed whey protein generally contains fewer saturated fats, recovering omega-3 and conjugated linoleic fatty acids. Not only these healthy fats help the body to perform several useful functions, but also possess anti-inflammatory ability. This anti-inflammatory action of these healthy fats works against restricted mobility, discomfort and even normal old pain during rebuilding or recovery process.

    • Weight Management

    Combining grass-fed whey protein with your active lifestyle can help you lose weight. This active lifestyle should include a consistent exercise regime to keep off extra weight.

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