Can Skinny Guy Gain Weight Fast?

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  • Can Skinny Guy Gain Weight Fast?

    If this title caught your attention, then there’s a great chance that you’re no more tired of seeing the weight on the scale budge. Yes, it’s indeed true! Because here in this post we have buckled up some impressive Do’s and Don’ts on extra muscle mass that help you build a physique like a Skyscraper just in the next four weeks.

    Before we dig into the topic, we just want to clear the myths floating around against weight gain, i.e.

    Most of the skinny guys claim that they don’t gain weight, even after eating anything or a lot. If you are also one of them, struggled your entire life, trying to put on weight and still consider yourself underweight, then ‘Sorry to Say’ you are not, because you actually have no idea what “eating a lot” means.

    The ideal diet, you should take is to “Double-Up” each meal, whatever you’re taking currently in the kitchen. For example;

    -If you are taking 1 chicken breast per meal, then cook up 2.

    -If you are having just 2 slices of bread in your mealtime, then make it 4.

    -If you are eating 1 handful of nuts, make it 2.

    -If you are consuming only 2 scoops of protein powder, try to make it 4.

    Most likely you’re just a couple of dozen meals short of filling out your immature body parts and drawing the attention of that erotic young lady in your rec center. Now we hope you’re already in the kitchen and have the greatest percentage of calories or food (by doubling-it up) out, because you really have no other great excuse to shovel down!

    What next you can do…

    Eat every 2-3 hours! Yes, of course, you should start living your life around food. But the thing is, “How well do you execute?”

    Just set an alarm on a countdown timer to go off every two and half hours, so that it reinforces the eating habit without literally delaying a second for each meal! But, make sure not to turn off the beeper until you start eating.

    You can take your first meal within 15-30 minutes of waking up—absolutely no later. This first meal should always consist of ‘REAL’ food to surge your body with quality supplements. Try to focus on high-calorie foods loaded with slow releasing like proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, fats, fiber and vitamins.

    While workout, you should drink a carb and protein with 1 liter of water to instantly gain an extra hundred calories per day. If you’re doing weight training at extremely high intensity, then take Weight Gainer supplement before and after your workout to put on healthy muscle mass.

    Things You Don’t Do…

    -Never train HUNGRY! Some people may have had a long afternoon and missed a couple of meals and directly headed off to the gym after office/work with an empty stomach. Yell, we believe that this was common sense to avoid! It is because your metabolism is in starvation mode and shut down your skinny pencil neck.

    So we recommend to have at least 3 solid meals in your system prior to intense training, or eat the heavy meal of your day immediately after your morning workout.

    Never Stop EATING! Eating all day — is necessary for skinny people. Because it helps them push their bodies’ threshold. I’m sure, it’s difficult for many. But you’ll get used to it and your body will demand more food when you gain more body weight and your metabolism increases.


    There you have it! Now, it will truly boil down to how genuinely dedicated you are to overcoming your thin hereditary qualities and picking up the solid muscular body that you actually deserve! Just simply applying the advice mentioned above to gain at least another 10 pounds of solid weight in the next four weeks!

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