All You Need to Know About “CREATINE”

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  • All You Need to Know About “CREATINE”

    Creatine — An important pre/post workout supplement for building muscles strength. Researches show that Creatine is utilized by up to 75% of weightlifters, boxers, gym-goers, powerlifters and athletes (in the National Collegiate Athletic Association).

    Why is Creatine so popular among bodybuilders and athletes?

    The answer is quite simple. Creatine is popular because it works well in boosting the metabolism, fat loss, and also supports well in acquiring lean muscle tissue. Literally over 200 studies have been done on the specific gym supplement which showing its effectiveness for improving the size, power, and strength of the muscles and even improves certain areas of health. Creatine is an organic nitrogenous acid, which helps your body to produce more quick bursts of energy, especially muscles. The synthesis of Creatine is usually transported into the body through our blood. It is incredibly convenient to take, optimized absorption and offers exactly what you need and when you need.

    Still not convinced? I’m sure the following points will rush you to try Creatine (while training) if you didn’t do it yet! Studies show that Creatine monohydrate is one of the most effective muscle-building supplements available in the market. Because it works by saturating your muscle cells with a great level of energy compound and promoting muscle fiber growth. If you take it post workout, you would favourably reap some great benefits. For instance:

    Better Aptitude and Performance: Creatine monohydrate promotes muscular endurance, strength, and size! Plus, they don’t fatigue too soon. Micronized Creatine gets absorbed faster and better than the regular form of Creatine.

    Improved Anaerobic Capacity: Creatine can increase the total body mass on average of 0.9 kg and can enhance performance in all six sprints and thigh volume by 6.6%. In fact, surveys performed on Creatine indicate that participants’ anaerobic capacity will be boosted by the use of Creatine as a supplement.

    Bone Healing: Creatine is also important for bone growth because it provides a successful therapy for bone healing and for the treatment of osteoporosis. Plus, it also increases the activity of alkaline phosphatase.

    Enhanced Recovery: Creatine monohydrate can not only help reduce muscle cell damage and inflammation, but it can also help recovery following an intense workout.

    What type of Creatine should you take?

    Powdered Creatine is the best and safest form to consume rather than liquid Creatine and Creatine ethyl ester. So you should go with Micronized – Creatine which helps quick muscle building and further helps you meet your fitness goals.

    You can get a box of 300 Gram of Creatine at Rs 499/- only at RobustDiet’s Micronized Creatine monohydrate supplement comes with 100% pure Creatine in powder form with an extra energy for muscles to boost your intensity and performance.

    Note: When you add up Creatine monohydrate in your diet, make sure you drink plenty of water for better functioning.