After how many days of Gyming should I start taking Whey Protein?

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    Stepped foot into a gym for the very first time? If yes, you must have heard the rattling of whey protein shaker bottle? Right? No doubt about it, whey protein supplement has become so ingrained in the workout culture that it’s hard for beginners to imagine workout without whey protein. Whey protein comes first in mind when it comes to joining a gym.

    It further gives birth to a very common question:
    After how many days of gyming should I start taking whey protein?

    This is a common question you and almost all gym beginners may be wondering. Well, without any further ado, here is the answer for your question.

    Adding whey protein to your diet totally depends on your body type, protein needs and bodybuilding goals. The most obvious reason for supplementing whey protein is to fulfil your body’s daily protein intake needs. While starting gym, if your muscle breakdown gets started, you definitely need to add whey protein in your diet. Moreover, if bodybuilding is your goal, you should also go for whey protein supplement along with your on-going strength training or heavy-duty workout sessions. But most preferably, a gym beginner should start consuming whey protein after performing one week of basic gym exercises or until your body gets adapted to regular workout routine.

    So if you’re a gym beginner or you have never ventured into the supplementation world, you should start with 1-2 scoops of whey protein supplement (25 grams of protein per scoop) on a daily basis after completing one week of basic gym exercises. As the level of your gym training sessions goes up, you should also increase your protein intake. For instance, if you’ve introduced some high intensity workout in your workout regimen, you can consume 2 scoops of whey protein pre and post workout. In case you need help for how to choose the best whey protein for your body or what is the ideal dose and time-to consume whey-protein , you can consult your gym trainer or any nutritional expert to get a personalised supplementation plan in tune with your body type, health & fitness goals.

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