9 Easy ways to Build Muscle Quickly!

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    Seeing quick and new gains doesn’t always need a different workout plan or an ultra-scientific diet. Though, the small transformations can add up to extensive results. So check out some muscle building secrets from the renowned bodybuilders that encourage you to follow and gain lean muscle mass wisely and quickly.

    High Calories means Anabolic State

    One of the major overlooked bodybuilding factors is consuming enough protein but not enough calories per day. But it is also true that without consuming adequate calories, it is next to impossible for your body to gain lean muscle mass quicker with protein only.

    So the best way is to take your bodyweight and multiply it by 10 or 12, depending on your physique, after that add on calories in between 1000-1500 per day.

    The muscular bodybuilder, Jay Cutler eats small meals every hour and a half. Although his total caloric intake is higher and that daily caloric expenditure, putting his body in an anabolic state.

    The Hours of Rest

    If you regularly workout too hard, then the muscle fibers will become damaged. So make sure to give your muscle an adequate time to rest in order to build muscle quickly. Generally, a muscle takes 72 hours to restore or repair or fix properly from a weight training, muscle-building session.

    A good rule of thumb is, let completely fade the soreness in a muscle before working it out again. For instance, you can do a chest or shoulder workout on Monday and Thursday, a back, arms and ABs workout on Wednesday and Saturday, and a leg workout on Tuesday and Friday.

    The famous bodybuilders like Markus Ruhl and Chris Cormier are huge believers in proper rest, even also added that, “When you are at the gym lifting weights, you literally demolish the muscle tissue to not growing it up. But when you’re eating the appropriate protein, fats, carbohydrates and water, you are actually feeding the muscles to grow.”


    The importance of Protein in Your Diet

    Proteins are made up of smaller units which are known as amino acids. The main function of this compound is to help build muscle and internal organs. Whey protein is a great product for bodybuilders to grow, maintain and repair the muscle tissue. A half-gram of protein per pound of body weight is recommended by experts.

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    Pre and Post Workout Meal

    Consume slow burning carbs like rice and pasta is the best meal to take before the workout. As, it helps to keep blood sugar level relatively consistent and also allow you to train harder as well as longer. But make sure combine this pre-workout meal with a healthy serving of good protein to increase gains.
    On the other side, after the workout, you should consume fast burning carbs and protein-like protein shake by including some form of sugar. For the average people, 40-gram protein and 75-gram carbs are enough to build muscle bigger and stronger.

    Eat Multiple Meals

    Consuming small and more meals frequently to get the best results. For instance, if you are taking six meals in a day, means you are consuming 4000 calories per day. If we divide 4000 calories into 6 shorter meals, then each meal will contain nearly 660 calories. So all you need to be more disciplined to gain lean muscle quickly.

    Drink more Water

    Increase the adequate amount of water consumption in your diet. If you compromise with this, you are more likely to be affected by severe health issues like dehydration. Though if you are dehydrated, your muscle will also suffer. According to the experts, 1 pound of muscle can hold maximum three pounds of water.

    Eat Healthy Fats

    One common mistake people make is not eating enough good fats due to a restrictive diet. But you are not aware of the following thing that there is a direct relationship between fat and testosterone levels. So it’s quite difficult to grow muscle due to the consumption of limited caloric and fat intake.

    Use Supplements

    Supplements like creatine, joint formulas, protein powders, glutamine and multi-vitamins works exactly you want If you can afford supplements, then we would recommend you to stick with the basic supplements.

    Add Healthy Addition to Your Diet — Carbohydrates

    Carbohydrates are the best and essential part of any diet. So eat plenty of carbohydrates to increase your energy level. Carbohydrates are mostly found in foods like dairy products, breads, fruits, pasta, and vegetables.

    According to Donna Logan, RD, a registered dietitian at the University of Texas Medical School in Houston, “Carbohydrates provide the body with the energy it needs and is a good source of many vitamins and minerals. However, not all carbohydrates are created equal.” The more carbs in the body, the more you are able to promote an anabolic environment. Plus, the carbs also play a vital role in the release of insulin, which is body’s most potent anabolic hormone.

    Hope you find this post useful. If still, you have any doubt about how to gain muscle quickly, share it below in the comment box!