5 Most Prevalent Triceps Workouts for Sleeve-Busting Arms

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  • 5 Most Prevalent Triceps Workouts for Sleeve-Busting Arms

    Do you want to fill out your shirt’s loose sleeves? Or want big and well-defined cut arms to burst out of your shirt sleeves? If yes, you must focus upon your triceps (the only major muscle of the back of the arm). Triceps are the most attractive part of your arm muscles and support you in extending your arm at the elbow joint. So, instead of boring you with muscles theory, we’re going straight to the most prevalent triceps workouts practiced by the bodybuilding professionals. If these workouts can work for them, how can you go wrong.

    1.Foam Roller Press

    Lie down on a flat bench, breathe in and pull down the weight bar to the top of form roller which is lengthwise placed on your chest. Make sure the barbell is touching foam roller over your middle chest. Now, breathe out and push it back to the starting position. Repeat these movements until you have accomplished an appropriate number of repetitions.Foam Roller Press.

    Foam Roller Press

    2. DIPS

    This is another awesome arm workout in which you’re going to lift your complete bodyweight on your arms. So, start hoisting & lowering your body on parallel bars. Make sure that your body posture is exactly or very nearly perpendicular to the floor. Now, bend your knees, cross your ankles and keep your torso upright. Gently lower your torso until your shoulder joints come lower than your elbows. Now, uplift your body again until you get your elbows nearly straight. Thereby, your triceps will face a much stress and heavier load compared to other triceps-isolating workouts. It is the number 1 mass builder of your triceps.

    Note: Don’t let your shoulders move forward as you lower your body. Because it will put an extreme stress on your shoulder joints and muscles.


    3. Close Grip Bench Press

    The close grip bench press is another great triceps mass building workout which is followed by most of the professional bodybuilders and sports athletes. In this workout, you need to lie down on a flat bench and tightly grasp the weight bar with an overhand grip so that your palms face away from you and your grip is shoulder-width apart. Now, lift the barbell and lower it down to your chest level. Push it back to starting position. Keep your elbows unlocked while flexing your triceps hard. Repeat this close grip bench press workout for an appropriate number of reps.

    Close Grip Bench Press

    This workout mainly covers a multi-joint move. That’s why it offers two-fold benefits. One, less elbow pressure and two, it enables you to lift more weight compared to isolation workouts. And, more weight usage will truly result in more muscle mass development.

    4. Rolling EZ-Bar Triceps Extensions

    Lie back on the ground and grasp a weight loaded EZ-bar (curved or bent forms of a typical barbell) laying behind your head. Roll this EZ-bar in the direction of your head till you get your upper arms straight and vertical. Now, lift this loaded EZ-bar in front of you at arms’ length. Bring the bar back on the floor and reversely repeat all those moves like rolling the EZ-bar back on the floor above your head. Perform this workout for the possible repetitions that you can comfortably do.

    Rolling EZ-Bar Triceps Extensions

    5. Kettlebell Floor Press

    In this workout, all you require is simply two kettlebells and a floor. And, when you’re all set to perform this triceps workout, simply lie back on the floor with knees bent and hold a kettlebell in each of your hands. Push the kettlebells overhead towards the ceiling. Make sure that each kettlebell is hanging outside of your wrists. Now, lower the kettlebells to their starting positions. Keep your head up and elbows touching the floor. Repeat this triceps workout for as many repetitions as possible.

    Kettlebell Floor Press

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