5 Exercises You Need to Swap Out

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  • 5 Exercises You Need to Swap Out

    Well, there are literally ample of variations of exercises out there. Some exercises may look like an ideal way to get the workout done, but in practice, might not be beneficial for our physique at all.  In fact, they could even be harming for our bodies. So here in this post, we have gathered a list of exercises that you really need to swap out of your life forever to get the best possible as well as safest results.

    Standing Dumbbell Flys

    This is a pretty much useless exercise, because the motion of standing dumbbell flys is horizontal to the ground, although the gravity is vertical which is not working in your pectoral muscles (the muscles in your chest) at all.


     So it’s best to change the direction of gravity and perform pectoral flys from the ground or a bench to make the particular exercise effective. Even you also do the flys by lying on a stability ball to engage your stabilizing muscles.

    Traditional Sit-Ups

    The sit-up workout is mainly meant to strengthen the abdominal muscles. But doing 100 sit-ups in a routine — hell on your lumbar spine (lower region of the back). Not only this, during sit-ups, your hips will also start to make a tilt forward over time and create an unnatural position and cause acute lower back pain.

    traditional situps

    So crunches or the variations of crunches are the best bet to do. As they help you to target your ABs and take the strain off your lower back. If you find that crunches don’t burn your muscles like you want, you can add Fat Burner Extreme (Veggie Capsules) 90 Capsules in your diet. As, it will not only add extra support in your lower back but also help you shed extra lbs and get a lean and healthy body.

    Standing Barbell Press Behind Neck


    This exercise is usually performed by using a barbell which can cause some serious damage to your tendons, rotator cuff, and even the ligaments. So try to do a standing dumbbell press because it allows your shoulder to stay in a more natural position.

    Abductor/Adductor Machine


    This is an exercise that’s performed in a seated position on the machine which puts a lot of pressure and strain on the hip capsules and the IT bands. So you need to do Lunges or variations of lunges such as walking lunges, weighted lunges and jumping lunges to strengthen the same muscles with a fewer risk and more functional effectiveness.


    Straight Leg Raises


    The main target of this exercise is the lower abdominal muscles. But straight leg raises put a huge pressure on your lower back, which compresses your lumbar segments and leads your hip flexors into the mix and takes the main focus off of your abdominal muscles.

    So you should add variations of the plank in your workout to engage the whole set of abdominal muscles which will not only help you build a strong lower back and but both shoulders too.

    Go and Try swapping out your aged workout with these suggested exercises and see the effectiveness that you actually expect to have from your workout. Before you decide to go in the weight room, make sure that the above mentioned five exercises to NEVER do.