5 Common Problems Behind Stubborn Stomach Fat and Their Solutions

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  • 5 Common Problems Behind Stubborn Stomach Fat and Their Solutions

    Extra stomach fat can creep up on you sneakily, and before you get to know it, you’re busting out of your jeans and have a dropping waistband due to that extra bulge rolling over the waist of your pants. It is the most annoying and embarrassing situation which seems impossible to get rid of. Isn’t it? So how to lose this stubborn stomach fat? There are some common things that prevent most of us from losing belly fat easily. Thereby, you need to pay a close attention to these problems and make 5 easy changes to cope up with these problems so as to attain a flat stomach.

    1. Workout Regimen

    The Problem – “You are doing the wrong workout to lose stubborn belly fat.

    Yes, only the cardio workouts will not do much for your stomach. It is the biggest misconception among people and they just waste a couple of hours in doing only cardio.

    The Solution: Effective Belly Fat Loss is a Mix of Weight Training HIIT Workouts

    We recommend you to follow a workout regimen that consists of weight training and HIIT (High-intensity interval training) workouts.

    • Do weight lifting for 3-5 days a week
    • Start with upper or lower body splits
    • Perform HIIT workouts 2 times per week
    • Gradually Increase HIIT workout, 3-4 times per week

    Here is an overall workout pattern you can follow:

    Monday:  Weight Training
    Tuesday:  HIIT Workout
    Wednesday:  Weight Training
    Thursday:  HIIT Workout
    Friday:  Weight Training
    Saturday:  HIIT Workout
    Sunday:  Rest Day

    2. Diet Plan

    The Problem: “You are following a poor diet plan.”

    Chances are, you are not taking a proper diet, either eating too much or too little or may be eating too many processed foods. This poor diet regimen leads to hold on to your stubborn fat.

    The Solution: Follow a Robust Diet in Tune with Your Goals and Lifestyle

    Follow a robust diet plan and combine it with the right supplement & workout routine. You can consider a fat burner supplement or BCCA to impact belly fat loss. If you don’t know how BCAA supplement can help in losing belly fat, then head over to one of our previous blogs – “Burn off Unwanted Belly Fat with BCAA!

    Track the amount of calories you consume daily. There are various calorie calculators and fitness tracking mobile apps that are available online to find out how many calories you need to burn unwanted fat. Make proper calorie adjustment according to your weight, activity level and overall metabolism, and try to stick to it. Eating processed food (like beverages, chips, fast food, sugary products, etc.) messes up your hormones and takes your metabolism to a halt and further leads to a fat gain.

    Avoid processed food. Here are Some Effective Tips to Help You!

    • Read the ingredients on every product label before buying it
    • Go for whole-grain and natural foods
    • Don’t go for store-bought products as they include high-fructose corn syrup
    • Always prefer your local farmer’s market
    • Limit your sugar intake and avoid drinking sugary soft drinks or other beverages

    3. Protein Intake

    The Problem: “Your protein intake is low.”

    Most of us lower our calorie level, especially from our carbohydrate diet, while losing belly fat. Surely, you need to lower your carbohydrate a bit, but you need to take care of your protein diet. It should be adequate. It is the biggest misconception that more protein diet will result in fat gain. Conversely, an increased protein intake helps in losing weight by keeping you full for long hours. Here you can read all about – “Does Whey Protein Cut Body Fat?

    The Solution: Consume adequate protein!!

    Consume an adequate amount of protein daily depending on your situation, body weight and goals:

    • An average fit and inactive adult (whether you are a male or female) – You can consider 0.4-0.5 grams of protein per pound of your body weight.
    • An Average fit and active adult (male or female) – You can consider (a minimum amount recommended here) 0.8-1 grams of protein per pound of your body weight.
    • An average healthy adult female (building muscle, losing fat, boosting strength and enhancing workout performance) – You can consider 1-1.2 grams of protein per pound of your body weight.
    • An average healthy adult male (building muscle, losing fat, boosting strength and enhancing workout performance) – You should consider 1-1.5 grams of protein per pound of your body weight.
    Moreover, you can add a whey protein in your daily diet to reduce the excessive fat on your body and stomach.

    4. Alcohol Consumption

    The Problem: “You consume a lot of alcohol.”

    Yes, alcohol consumption leads to empty calories i.e. calories with zero nutritional value. These empty calories give birth to more fat gain. Alcohol contains 7 calories per 1 gram that makes it more calorie dense as compared to protein and carbohydrates.

    The Solution: Limit your alcohol consumption or stop it.
    It would be a wise decision if you stop drinking alcohol. However, if you can’t stop yourself, you can limit your alcohol consumption by following tips:

    – Avoid high-caloric liqueurs
    – Avoid fast food while drinking
    – Consume water between alcoholic drinks, etc.

    5. Sleeping

    The Problem – “You are not taking proper sleep.”

    Have you noticed that almost all late-nighties have a fat stomach? Yes, when you do not take enough sleep, it causes you to depend on a large sugary latte to keep you moving or you may start skipping workout, etc. According to some fitness experts, if you take proper sleep, it keeps you healthy and also helps with weight loss. A sleepy brain gives birth to unhealthy decisions like craving for junk food that is a perfect fat gain recipe for your body and stomach.

    The Solution: Get enough sleep.

    A well-rested brain leads to healthy decisions, like no craving for junk food, etc. So, now you can easily lose fat by just getting some damn sleep.

    Put these 10 solutions into action and you’ll notice amazing stomach fat burning results! These solutions will surely need a lot of hard work from your end, but you will really look much better and forget your sweat and tears.

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