10 Ways to Help You Achieve Your 2017 Fitness Goals

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  • Every year, it’s always the same; as soon as Christmas creeps its way out of our lives, the jingle bells’ sound gets dim day by day. It only means that the hustle and bustle of 2017 approaches!

    A new year points toward a new start, new fitness goals, and new workouts!

    Want to ring in 2017 with a newer and fitter you? So, don’t wait for the January crush. It’s only 9 days away to enter into 2017. Not too early to plan your fitness goals. Explore our list of fitness ways to make your New Year a fitness year for you.


    Gym Free Workouts – Make Yourself Fit from Home!


    Getting a gym membership is just a money wasting way to get fit in 2017. Challenge yourself to avoid the gym and make your home the best fit for you! Well, it doesn’t mean that you need to turn your home into an expensive home gym. It simply means that all you need to do at the gym is accessible from the comfort of your own home. You can choose mobility places in your home (like lawn, yard, etc.) to perform the workouts. Plus, you can set up a yoga mat next to your bed and use it for morning yoga routines or stretches. And keep some basic equipment on hand like hand weights, a jump rope, etc.

    Make a Workout Plan So You Don’t Quit During the Entire Year 2017

    Workout plan

    Don’t just stick to your old workout plan. Make a new workout plan that you can follow throughout the entire year. Give yourself some time to examine an old plan for changes or create a new one for you. Make sure it fits your daily routine and you can actually stick to it for a more complete 2017 than quitting just after a week or month.

    Set Smart and Attainable Goals

    abs goals

    Smart goal setting means set measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound goals. It’s easy to dream big such as weight loss, big lifts or total physique makeover, etc. But, what is the benefit of planning such big dreams, if they aren’t under your reach or you know that you can’t easily attain them? It goes without saying that you will just frustrate yourself. So, first of all, start with some smart and easy-to-attain goals. Once you achieve them, they will motivate you to achieve difficult ones. Boost your self-confidence first and then take that first scary step outside of your comfort zone.

    Jot Down Small Monthly Accomplished Goals


    It’s important to keep a chart of your fitness progress till the end of the year 2017. It will help you to keep on the right track in a timely way. Keep a record of small monthly accomplished goals, the weights you used, lifts, high kicks and even the extent of repetitions you’ve done thus far. This chart log will add up to big outcomes in your fitness.

    Find a Fitness Friend Like You!

    fitness friend

    No doubt that your fitness goals are associated with you only, but the presence of a fitness friend can make it easier for you to achieve those goals. The company of a friend, who is also a fitness freak like you, can keep you motivated throughout the year 2017.

    So don’t go for your fitness goals alone. Find a fitness friend for you to maintain a positive environment in your own comfort zone, similar to a gym buddy or a personal trainer in the gym.

    Vain to Just Workout for Pre-imagined Appearance

    perfect body

    If you have imaged a body appearance in your mind and just working out to achieve that body appearance, don’t let such appearance goals fool you. For example, if you have imagined a slim-trim body appearance in your mind and you need to lose several pounds to fit a dress size, or you want to gain more weight, you need to work very hard. It will just demotivate you to proceed further with a full enthusiasm that you have while you were starting. Setting such goals are just vain and you will feel frustrated very soon.

    Schedule Your Workouts Like You Do Business Meetings

    girl pushups

    Don’t repeat the same mistakes that you have done with your workout routine in your 2016’s busy days, when you skipped workouts. Treat your workouts as you treat your business meetings. Schedule your workouts on a high priority like you do with your business and its important meetings. Make sure nothing can force you to cut out your scheduled workouts from your regular routine.

    Try Authentic BodyBuilding Supplements

    If you’re strictly following your scheduled fitness plan and even doing hard-hitting workouts, but still not getting positive results, maybe the problem is with your diet. The authentic bodybuilding supplements might be just the thing you need in your diet. For example, if you want to gain some weight in 2017, you can go for RobustDiet’s weight gainer. If you are too skinny, you can go for a double mass gainer supplement or if you just want to get enough protein in your diet, you can go for RobustDiet’s gold graded Whey Protein. If fat loss is your fitness goal in 2017, you can opt for a fat burner. You just need to find a supplement matching to your 2017’s fitness goals.


    Gradually Move On to High-Intensity Workouts

    hight intensity workout

    To reap better fitness results in 2017, it’s good to gradually move onto some high-intensity workout sessions.

    Intensity is the key! It will help you in shedding your extra fat you’ve been struggling for months or even years. Moreover, you will be able to build up your cardiovascular fitness slowly.

    Spice Up Your Workout Routine with Some Fun

    workout with fun

    Working out regularly can become boring, tiresome, and basically undesirable. But since you have to achieve 2017 as your fittest year, maintaining healthy workouts is essential for you. Luckily, there is a way to inject zest to your regular workout routine, i.e. “Fun”.

    Fun is the easiest way to spice up your workout routine. Thereby, look for fun activities to do in between your workout sessions. Do whatever you really enjoy doing, even if it doesn’t give you any fitness related results. Here” Whatever” doesn’t mean you can eat junk or unhealthy food. It can be going outside for bike riding, flying a kite, rope skipping, dancing, cycling, etc.

    Just imagine how much fun you had been active as a young kid. Try to bring those activities to your workout routine. It will help you to spice up your fitness. And your fitness will surely have more possibilities to last till the end of the year 2017.

    Sometimes you may feel like you’re losing the battle of your 2017’s fitness goals. Yes, sometimes you may feel too tired, hungry and even depressed.

    Don’t be that guy who starts a fitness routine in January and cancels in February. Don’t give up. Keep going!

    When you feel that you’re losing hope, just imagine it’s going to be the last thing that obstructs you in achieving your fitness goals. Don’t allow such mental blocks control you. Set yourself free and challenge your fear. Turn such discouraging mental blocks into fitness building blocks.

    However, if you are looking for bodybuilding supplements to include in your diet, RobustDiet.com is an authentic online store for shopping authentic bodybuilding supplements.

    Have a Happy Fitness Year 2017!