10 Effective Tips to Start Off Your Day in a Healthy Way

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  • 10 Effective Tips to Start Off Your Day in a Healthy Way

    Starting off your day on the wrong foot is definitely awful for one’s health. If you underestimate the importance of the morning and wake up with the thought “I can’t get up and need 5 more minutes to sleep” and then sleep for another 10 minutes, you’re just going to feel stressed & angry with everyone and everything in this world for your entire day. Starting off a day on right foot requires you to follow some useful tips.

    Let’s see these tips and start the day in a healthy way:

    1.Drink Plenty of Water – First & Foremost Thing in the Morning

    You’ve been fasting all night that causes dehydration in the morning. So, you should drink as much water as possible on an empty stomach in the morning. Not only it will rehydrate you, but also keep your brain attentive and active throughout the entire day. Proper hydration supports your body to perform all functions well like digestion, metabolism and kidney functions.
    If you are tired of drinking simple plain water, you can try warm lemon water. It will help you to detoxify your body from waste products and boost up digestion. Keep in mind not to add sugar in this lemon water!

    2.Morning Workout is Important

    Making some time to go for morning workout could be hectic, but try to spend at least 15 minutes for the workout. It will make you feel relaxed and energized along with physical health benefits like glowing skin, faster metabolism and many other.

    3.Consume a Nutritious Breakfast

    Breakfast is considered as the most important meal of the day. Thereby, your breakfast should be nutritious, healthy and consumed at earliest. Studies show that consuming a healthy breakfast enhances concentration, boosts up your energy level, aids in weight loss and helps in maintaining a healthy weight. Make sure you are eating a breakfast containing complex carbohydrates, some lean protein and fruits. For instance, you can consider oatmeal, breakfast cereal, Greek yogurt, eggs, etc.

    4.Positive Mental Attitude

    Before you head out the door, just smile and make a promise to do one nice thing for yourself that day. With such positive mental attitude, it will be all OK in the entire day. What could be much healthier than this way?

    5.De-Stress Your Morning Routine

    To make every a.m. less hectic, prepare all required things in advance, especially on the night before going to sleep. For instance, keep your clothes pre-ready at night that you’re going to wear in the next morning. Performing such tasks in the morning will just increase your stress or you may forget anything.

    6.Devote 5-10 minutes in Listening to Your Favorite Track

    Spend 5-10 minutes into listening to your favorite music track. Research shows that our brain discharges dopamine when we listen to music. If we sing along with listening, our brain releases oxytocin chemical. This discharge of chemicals de-stress you and elevates your feelings of happiness, grounding you mentally & physically for the entire day.

    7.Take a Morning Cold Shower

    Getting up and hopping under cold water is really good for health. This morning cold shower delivers a shock to your body and makes it feel more awake. Not only does it increase your circulation, but also help your body to get rid of any physical fatigue and boost your mental alertness.

    8.Take One Multivitamin Every Morning

    Multivitamin is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. So don’t forget to take one multivitamin every morning as it will be easily absorbed into your body with the food that you consume all in a day.

    9.Have a Relaxing Start with Meditation

    To have a relaxing morning start, you should invest some time in mediation. Spend 5-10 minutes to sit silently with yourself and your thoughts. Take deep breathes to set up a calm and relaxing tone for the rest day.

    10.Early Morning Stretches

    Stretch out every part of your body in bed minutes, just before opening your eyes. It will enhance your blood circulation by supplying an additional shot of oxygen to all body tissues and will also keep you relaxed for the entire day.

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