Taking whey protein won’t inevitably result in optimum muscle growth, but incorporating the following tips will surely make the most effective use of a whey protein supplement:
1. Ensure You’re Getting Enough Protein
Wondering how much protein your body really need? Serious bodybuilders with high intensity workout level should intake around 1-2 grams of protein for every pound of their

As you all know – “You Will Get Out What You Put In.” The body fat loss success you achieve depends on the efforts you put in to make your fat burner supplement more effective. A fat burning capsule is not like a magic pill that can shed extra pounds without exercises and other hard-working efforts. A fat burner only

Today’s most of the fitness freaks have been tired of shredding weight for some reasons. Sometimes, they do it in sound ways, but not really. So here, in this post, we have compiled a list of clean, healthy, nutrient dense sustenance namely supplements, which help you reach your goals, get ripped and show off your hard work!
Here we recommend

Though a unified consensus rings all around the whole world against smoking, many bodybuilders, indifferent to their personal bodybuilding progression hazards, are still indulged in this bad habit.
Smoking is bad for gym buffs. If you are a smoking bodybuilder, you must have read this, ‘Smoking Kills’ – a health warning message printed behind every cigarette pack; even you

For any professional or amateur gym goer, or athlete living in India, one of the major concern is of the supplements (and also of to identify the authenticity of the supplement). Because, more than 60% of bodybuilding supplements being sold in the Indian market are fake or originating from Grey Market, which unfortunately makes difficult for body builders to recognize

Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) is the most popular supplement in the market today. As, it is the single most important supplement that has been proven effective in different scenarios. It comes in handy for those bodybuilders or athletes who desire to be in top physical condition. But, a few people have also been fed some myths that gym supplements

If there’s one thing that’s certain within your fitness career, it’s the muscle building plateau. Yes, you heard that right! The muscle building plateau is a situation where your body muscles stop responding to your gym efforts and time, even after following a dedicated workout routine and the right eating regimen. Grappling with this particular situation isn’t the end of

Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC)
This type of whey protein comes with a very low level of fat and carbohydrates (or lactose). It is the non-heat treated type of whey protein, which comes with purest & fresh nutrients. Basically, a whey concentrate contains 70-80% of protein. It means 33-gram scoop contains around 24 to 26 grams of protein. However, the protein

If this title caught your attention, then there’s a great chance that you’re no more tired of seeing the weight on the scale budge. Yes, it’s indeed true! Because here in this post we have buckled up some impressive Do’s and Don’ts on extra muscle mass that help you build a physique like a Skyscraper just in the next four