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RobustDiet - For Perfect Cuts and Curves!

Welcome to RobustDiet – Your One-Stop Shop for Authentic Gold-Graded Bodybuilding Supplements with our own manufacturing facilities. Our 100% genuine nutritional discoveries include original Whey Protein, Pre/Post Workout Supplement, Weight Gainer, Double Mass Gainer, Fat Burner, BCAAs and much more. We control the whole manufacturing process from importing the organic, purest, fresh, stringent, potent & authentic ingredients to a finished supreme-quality supplement with a better flavor.



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Big Diwali Sale  – Extra 20% Off On All Gym Supplements

Big Diwali Sale – Extra 20% Off On All Gym Supplements

Diwali is just around the corner. It’s an apt time for bodybuilders to loosen purse strings on discounted gym supplements and save big bucks. That’s why we have just kicked off our first - “Big Diwali Sale” and offering a extra discount of 20% OFF on all our gym supplements available at as well as on

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Should I Take Whey Protein On Non-Gym Days?

Should I Take Whey Protein On Non-Gym Days?

“Hit the gym hard and then rest to grow!” - is something that you usually hear from your gym trainer. It is true, indeed, that a time off from the gym (commonly called non-gym days or rest days) allows your body and mind to get fully recovered and grow. It is the most important time to make maximum gains from the hours spent in the gym. A supplement like Whey Protein can be an incredibly important part of this time and its consistency can be paramount to your muscle-developing & repairing process.

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